Warburton and Steve Shires join Forces

Posted by Kim Aubuchon on

We are happy to announce that we are working closely with Steve Shires to make parts for his new line of trombones from Stephens Custom Horns! Steve has been here at the shop all week to work with Terry and Johan to dial in the final design programs and make parts to take back to Vermont.

"Terry and I have been friends forever. When I decided to start making trombones again, under the Stephens name, I decided not to buy the CNC equipment I had before, but instead to have my small parts machined by a really great machinist. Terry has so much experience making mouthpieces and other parts at a high level, it was natural for me to work with him on my trombone parts. Accuracy and surface finish are critical, and that's right in the wheelhouse of a great mouthpiece maker. Terry, his son Johan, and I are having a great time working together on this project, and the parts we're making are the best I've had to work with in years!"
- Steve Shires

"Steve and I have been friends for years and I am very pleased that he has chosen to work with us at the Warburton Factory. His instruments are of the highest quality and we are proud to machine parts to match his high standards. We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship."
- Terry Warburon

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