Warburton - 17 Years Post-Fire and Still Thriving!

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Terry Warburton standing in burned remains of factory 2005
Many things have changed for Warburton Music Products over the last 48 years, but one of the biggest unforeseen changes was our factory fire on June 29, 2005. In the picture above, Terry Warburton is amongst the remains of his home and factory as we looked for anything that was salvageable. 
Terry rebuilt his factory with help from so many of you: his friends and customers. Through the hard work and generosity of so many, Warburton Music Products started over and moved forward. Terry Warburton has never been a man to give up.
Since then, we've had many more changes and challenges: economic ups and downs, a growing product line - including the ever popular P.E.T.E. - and a professional line of trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns. Our most recent challenges are shared the world over, but we are still striving and thriving and continue to grow stronger as a company. 
The 2020 addition of Johan Warburton as a permanent member of the factory floor has given Terry more time to pursue his hobby and love of boating.  Coincidentally, Terry is currently celebrating the growth of his company in the years since the 2005 fire by sailing from one side of Florida to the other - a lifelong bucket-list item! From the water, he would like to thank you all for your continued support and patronage, and wish you all a wonderful rest of the year!
Terry Warburton on the Water in Bradenton 2022

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