Warburton Staff


Terry Warburton - President

Terry Warburton is the President and Founder of Warburton Music Products. He started playing trumpet at the age of 14, later played trombone for ten years, and began performing professionally at a young age. Through his playing experiences, he developed a unique perspective into the needs of brass players. With nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing brass instrument mouthpieces, Terry is known worldwide for his quality work and ingenuity.

In the early 70s, Terry became inspired to learn to make brass instrument mouthpieces while working for the Canadian music company, Long and McQuade. Determined to start his own company, he spent time observing and learning from Bob Giardinelli in New York, bought his own lathe, began making his own tools, and with the help of machinist Eric Davies learned the tricks of the trade. In 1974, with the financial support of his parents, he started his own modest mouthpiece company and music store in Toronto, Canada at the age of 24. Five years later, Bob Giardinelli hired Terry to return to New York to run Giardinelli’s mouthpiece manufacturing business. After one year, Terry was drawn back to Toronto to continue the development of his own company.

As his business grew, Terry was always thinking ahead and looking for ways to make his work more efficient and his products more consistent. Partnering with trumpeter and machinist Mike Padula, Warburton was the first mouthpiece manufacturer to employ CNC technology in the mouthpiece design process. Though Warburton was not the first to utilize a two-piece mouthpiece system, the line is the most widely used and most well-known. In fact, almost all other mouthpiece manufacturers default to using “Warburton Threads” as the standard for their own two-piece models. Over the years, Terry has worked with countless brass artists and has developed a seemingly endless range of options in standard and signature model mouthpieces for every brass instrument from cornet to tuba. In its current location in an 8,000 square-foot facility in Mims, Florida, Terry and the Warburton team utilize advanced engineering processes and state of the art machinery to manufacture mouthpieces, meeting the demands of players in almost every country in the world. With an extensive worldwide dealer network, Warburton mouthpieces are easily obtainable.

Beyond the world of brass mouthpieces, Terry has invented or had a hand in developing several developmental tools for both woodwind and brass players. While some of these tools were designed with the beginning or intermediate player in mind, advanced and professional-level players have found them very useful as well. Terry has also developed the Warburton Modular Sax Neck System: The Ultimate Sax Neck, which allows saxophone players a wider variety of configurations for more control over their sound and efficiency. The Warburton Modular Sax Neck System is so unique it holds a US patent. Terry also designed a growing line of saxophone mouthpieces both in hard rubber and metal. He’s had a long time interest in woodwind mouthpieces, and finally has had the opportunity to really develop a varied line with options for every playing style and situation.

More recently, Terry came up with a design for wooden brass mutes, now known as Warburton Woody Mutes. These beautifully handcrafted mutes are available for trumpet, trombone, and French horn in a variety of wood types. Currently, Terry is working to develop a full line of Warburton Trumpets. These
horns feature the “slot receiver” that Terry invented, as well as leadpipes drawn on mandrels he designed and made himself. When he’s not working in the factory, Terry is attending conferences and industry events. He’s regularly asked to speak and present clinics about his work and products at universities and industry conferences all over the world. Never satisfied with the status quo, Terry is constantly thinking about new designs and products for the future.




Kim Aubuchon - Marketing and Sales Director

Email: kim@warburton-usa.com

Kim Aubuchon was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and earned her bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in business, along with a jazz minor at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. She was an active performer in the Metro-St. Louis and Southwestern Illinois areas, before joining the Florida music scene in 2016. With 30 years of studying the trumpet, Kim has learned from some of the world’s greatest living trumpet teachers and performers. This lengthy list includes high-demand commercial artists such as Roger Ingram and Wayne Bergeron, as well as world-renowned symphony players such as Joshua McClure and Susan Slaughter.

Kim enjoys her work with Warburton because it affords her the opportunity to work with educators and students in a meaningful way both in and out of the classroom. Since moving to Florida she has been more involved with not only production, but also our entire customer base, from individuals to dealers, and is happy to offer consultations on our full line of products.

Before joining the Warburton team, Kim worked as the Educational Coordinator and Social Media Consultant for RogerIngram.com. She also previously worked as a freelance writer and an intern with both St. Louis Magazine and The Jazz Education Network. She was named the 2010 Women in Jazz Scholar by the Jazz Education Network at their inaugural conference.



Johan Warburton - Production and Design Manager
Email: johan@warburton-usa.com

Johan Warburton studied at Columbus State University under the tutelage of Jason Eklund and Anna Dodd, before departing for Europe to continue his education with American Horn Quartet founder David Johnson at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, where he received a Master’s Degree in Music Performance.

During his time abroad he has been engaged with multiple ensembles and programs around Switzerland, including the CSI Philharmonic, Boswil Contemporary Ensemble, Lugano Chamber Orchestra, Berner Kammerorchester, and the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana.

In February of 2018 he appeared alongside fellow Warburton Artist Hubertus Schmidt as a soloist with the Staatskapelle Halle in Germany. Not yet ready to return to the United States, he accepted a job with the instrument maker Cristian Bosc in Italy, where he learned the art of historical brass making, from sheet brass to finished instrument, as well as modern instrument construction and CNC machining.

As of August of 2020, he brought those skills acquired abroad back home to the Warburton factory floor as our Production and Design Manager.



Ken Titmus - Vice President (Retired)

Ken Titmus holds a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Kentucky where he was a student of Vince DiMartino. He has played trumpet with many contemporary bands and is a current member of the Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra. Ken is the inventor of the P.E.T.E. and was responsible for the introduction of the "KT" backbore which bears his initials. He worked with Warburton Music Products for 34 years - since 1986! - and has an exceptional amount of knowledge about mouthpieces and how to fit players. He now works with us as a representative in the Central Florida Area in addition to running his own custom mouthpiece business.