Trumpet Top Cup Designs

ES - "Extra Shallow" - otherwise similar to the S design.



ESV - Similar to the SV design with "V" style cup, but not as deep as the SV.



S - A shallow "bowl" shape. Preferred for lead playing and commercial work. Ideal for D, Eb and Piccolo trumpet.



SV - Medium shallow "V" style cup. This is an exceptional "high-velocity" cup for Piccolo trumpet and all upper register work.



M - Medium depth with a modified "V" style shape. Our M cup design is the most popular because it works well in all playing situations from jazz to symphonic.



MV - Medium depth version of our SV cup. Has more internal volume than the SV and provides a broader tonal palette.



MC - Medium "bowl" shape. The MC cups could be the ultimate in bright symphonic sound!



MD - Medium deep "bowl" shape cup that produces a rich, dark, symphonic sound.



D - Deep "bowl" shape. This cup shape produces the fullest of symphonic sound. It is ideal for the cornet parts with its warm sound.



XD - This extra deep "V" style cup was designed to give the traditional cornet sound. Herbert L. would be thrilled with this model.