P.E.T.E. Instructions

How To Use Your P.E.T.E.

The P.E.T.E. is intended for use in addition to your instrumental practice, and not as a replacement for any part of it. Regular use of the P.E.T.E. will strengthen the support muscles of your embouchure. Do not use this exerciser immediately before playing, as you will be tired. However, a rest period of 1-2 hours before playing should be sufficient.

Exercise 1 - Builds power and stamina

Place the disk end of the P.E.T.E. behind your lips, in front of your teeth. Gently pull the exerciser forward with your thumb and forefinger. You will feel the disc pulling your lips away from your teeth. Resist this action with your lip muscles. Use your common sense and instincts to regulate this “tug-of-war”. You will quickly feel the muscles of your chops responding to the challenge. They may feel warm as new blood is summoned to the area. Stop and take a break from this isometric workout if a burning feeling occurs. Patience is required when building muscular strength.

Exercise 2 - Strengthens the muscle groups needed to increase range:

Place the narrow end of the P.E.T.E. between your lips, in front of the teeth. Squeeze the P.E.T.E. from all directions with your chops.

It is not necessary to let go of the P.E.T.E. and support it solely with your chops. The important action here is an omni directional squeeze toward the center. Remember that the P.E.T.E. is a tool to assist you with your playing and not an end in itself. It is possible to replicate this action without the P.E.T.E. but it is a good “prop” to remind you to add this type of exercise to your daily routine.



Brass and Wind instrument playing is an art and a skill. It is also a physical activity which requires not only breath control, but a steadfast embouchure that will not break down before the end of a performance. Professional Quarterbacks throw the football great distances with accuracy. They do this by practicing their skills on the field. What we don’t see are the hours of preparation in the gym preparing the muscles groups needed so that they can practice these skills. Doing either one of these activities in excess is less effective than doing both in balance. Use your P.E.T.E. as an adjunct tool to assist you in becoming a better player

Important Safeguards

  • Keep out of the reach of children. The P.E.T.E. is small enough to cause choking in small children.
  • Sterilize the P.E.T.E. after each use and do not share with friends without first cleaning thoroughly.
  • Do not use the P.E.T.E. around moving objects, people (or pets). Do not use this exerciser while driving.
  • Use this product for its intended purposes only. Warburton Music Products is not responsible for damages resulting from the misuse of this device.