Speak-Easy - Inline Weights

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The Speak-Easy is a small inline weight that goes up to the top of your backbore on your Warburton mouthpiece*. It is extremely simple to use: it just slides on or off and it’s held on by a simple O-ring.

Most weights on the market are bigger and down farther on the resonating part of the backbore, and tend to deaden the sound and tighten the feel. Because of the way it floats on top of the mouthpiece, the Speak-Easy doesn’t do any of that!

Using Speak-Easy inline weights, Warburton mouthpiece users have experienced improvements in stability, sound quality and even endurance! Often the "dead notes around high D and Eb seem to "speak" easier, giving the tool its name. Each size weight (.600" and .620" outer diameter) offers unique benefits in different playing conditions and musical styles. Works great for Bb and C trumpet work!

*Sorry, the Speak-Easy only works with standard weight Warburton backbores.


I kept my brightness and it boosted my high notes, they are easier, louder and more solid! At the top of my range I’m getting solid notes that I couldn’t get good before. Also I’m finding that my sound stays centered much better, giving me a lot more endurance! It’s helping me play more accurately and enjoy my playing a lot more! Players in our band have ordered them because they heard me playing using mine!

Grant Gilbert
Trumpet player
Columbus, Ohio


I really like the Speak-Easy!
My 1st encounter with it was on a big band gig with Ken Titmus. I noticed he had it on his backbore during rehearsal. Right before the gig started, I asked him about it and he said, “I brought one for you, try it”. So I did. It felt really good, but honestly, I didn’t have anything to compare it to, so after a couple of tunes I took it off. Wow! What a difference!! Immediately, I was working harder, not projecting as well, and started feeling tired. As soon as that song was over, I said give me that thing back! Since then, I’ve had to play an Opera where I’m using C trumpet and the heavier model really works well. It stabilizes everything on the horn, making the C trumpet much easier to play.

Doug Michels
Lead trumpet Gloria Estefan