Ronald Romm - Trumpet

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"After working with Terry on many mouthpieces through the years, together we have finally achieved the ultimate design for each of these models and put them together to create the Ronald Romm series. Each cup design is special and unique: designed with the optimum shape for flexibility. The rim's comfort grip is wider than standard without being flat, and offers comfort for fleshy, full lips, while preserving flexibility, attacks, endurance, and the ability to get around the horn."

- Ronald Romm
International Trumpet Guild Honorary Award Recipient

Romm Bb
Inner Diameter: 0.640"
Outer Diameter: 1.118"
Cup: Modified V
Bore: 27
Backbore: 8 (not included)
This unique cup design reacts like a shallow mouthpiece, but has a deeper cup with more of a v-shape on the bottom half, allowing for a solid upper range while
preserving a rich, full tone.

Romm C
Inner Diameter: 0.640"
Outer Diameter: 1.118"
Cup: Deep
Bore: 26
Backbore: The Romm C backbore. (not included)

A great piece for a full, rich, C trumpet sound.

Romm Piccolo Trumpet
Inner Diameter: 0.640"
Outer Diameter: 1.118"
Cup: SV style
Bore: 27
Backbore: Cornet 8 (not included)

This shallow bowl-style cup allows for ease of both articulation and range while preserving clarity and the unique sound of the piccolo trumpet. Ronald Romm pairs this top with a Warburton #10 backbore.

Romm Trugel:
Inner Diameter: 0.640
Outer Diameter: 1.118
Cup: Flugel-style Super-V
Bore: 20

The Romm Trugel is designed to achieve a warm, flugelhorn sound on a trumpet mouthpiece. The cup is a super-v shape It is made with a shorter shank for intonation purposes. It has a trumpet taper, and is meant to be used in a trumpet, not a flugelhorn.


A Note from Terry Warburton: "Having known Ron since I was 18 years old, it is a great honor and a privilege to collaborate with him to create the Ronald Romm Signature Series. The pieces are a result of our many years of experience and we have gone through many permutations of these designs in the past 40 years."