Pete Rodriguez - Trumpet

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Pete Rodriguez
Inner Diameter:
Outer Diameter: 1.075
Cup: Medium-Deep Bowl
Bore: 27


Pete also plays a Warburton 336 Large bore trumpet, and it is featured on his newest recording! 
Check out Pete's new album:


"I struggled for years to find the right mouthpiece. I tried several different models that either cut my lips or felt uncomfortable. About 15 years ago, my friend and fellow trumpet player Gerry Lopez introduced me to Warburton mouthpieces, and I haven't looked back since. Up until recently, I had been playing the 4MC model and loved it. It was comfortable, produced a great sound, and allowed be to play both classical and jazz without having to switch mouthpieces. Recently, I had the great privilege of having Warburton design a custom mouthpiece for me - the P.Rodriguez model. It's based off the old 4mc but slightly altered. It is even more comfortable to play than my old 4MC, and I find that I have more flexibility around the trumpet and am still able to produce a clear and full trumpet sound. I love this mouthpiece!"

"I like my Warburton 336L because it's easy to play and the notes slot in easy. You can get a dark sound, and also a bright tone. Although I mainly use it to play jazz, I have also used to to play classical music and it blends great with other types of players that are on a Bach or Yamaha."

 - Pete Rodriguez


Trumpeter, vocalist, percussionist and composer Pete Rodriguez has played with some of the best musicians in the world, including many of Latin music’s luminaries, such as Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, La India and Tito Puente, including singing on Puente’s Grammy and Latin Grammy winning album, Mambo Birdland. Pete is the son of Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez, a music legend in the Latin music world who gave “Lil’ Pete” the responsibility of directing his 12-piece orchestra while also playing the trumpet and singing. While excelling in the Latin field, Pete also pursued his love for jazz and has been fortunate to have performed with such high profile bandleaders as Eddie Palmieri, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Chico O’Farril, and Carlos “Patato” Valdez, including performing on Eddie Palmieri and Brian Lynch’s Grammy-winning album, Simpatico. Pete is currently performing internationally with Eddie Palmieri as well as with both the nonet and all-star big band of the legendary Afro-Cuban jazz bandleader Bebo Valdez.