Luis Aquino - Trumpet

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Inside diameter: 0.590"
Outside diameter: 1.090"
Cup: Shallow V
Bore: 27 (.144")
Backbore: BQ (Not Included)

Aquino Pops:
Inside diameter: 0.590"
Outside diameter: 1.090"
Cup: Medium
Bore: 27 (.144")
Backbore: 5 (Not Included)

"When I was studying in University of Miami in the late '80s, I visited the Warburton factory in Hollywood, Florida. After using and loving their mouthpiece for a couple of years, I started switching to other brands and trying to improve on something I already had with Warburton. Needless to say, NO other mouthpice came even close to that, and of course, I came back.

Now with my signature model I have better sound, projection, accuracy, and general ease of playing. Playing mostly latin and pop music, the band volume levels are usually very loud. With this mouthpiece I can better survive live gigs. And for recordings, it gives me a lot more overall control, which helps me get out of the studio a lot faster."

-Luis Aquino


Born in Puerto Rico, Luis Aquino is one of the most recorded trumpet players in the Latin market.

In the studio he has played on more than 700 records with artists including:
Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Grupomania, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Franco de Vita, David Bisbal, Duffy Jackson, Juan Luis Guerra and 440 and many, many others. He has toured with Yanni, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Juan Luis Guerra and 440, Jose Luis Rodriguez, David Bisbal, Franco de Vita and many more. Other live performances include shows with Julie Andrews, Burt Bacharach, Fifth Dimension, Lannie Kazan, Anthony Newley, Peter Allen among others.