Kiwzo Fumero - Trumpet

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Kiwzo Fumero
Inner Diameter: 0.630
Outer Diameter: 1.055
Cup: Shallow 

Warburton’s mouthpiece and trumpet are the best! Finally I found equipment that lets me express my playing as a extension of myself. Warburton has helped me to find my inner voice. I love it!

La boquilla y la trompeta Warburton son las mejores, finalmente he encontrado unos equipos que me dejan expresar mi música como si fueran una extensión de mi mismo, Warburton me ha ayudado a encontrar y proyectar al mundo mi voz interior, los amo.

Kiwzo Fumero


Kiwzo Fumero is a Cuban-American trumpeter and flugelhorn player. He has been the lead trumpet player for many latin stars like Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, Sonora Carruseles, Juan Gabriel and Cachao, just to name a few. Kiwzo has also shared the stage and CD recordings with many jazz legends in several jazz festivals around the world, including Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D’Rivera, Jimmy Bosch, Andy Garcia and Jon Faddis. He is a favorite for many music producers in recording albums as a lead trumpet or soloist, receiving 7 Grammy nominations and 2 Grammy awards. He was also a Global Music Awards recipient with his first solo single “There’s no changing you”, a beautifully smooth jazz tune with a lite latin flavor. He is currently working on a solo jazz single and album to be released with original music and some very famous covers. His single “The Huge Space you Left” is a wonderful example of his abilities to play the flugelhorn with rich middle and low register melodies which have been in the first 300 on Billboard lists in 2019.