Ingram - MuteMeister Mutes - Trombone

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The Ingram - MuteMeister Mutes by Warburton

The Cup Mute

The Ingram - MuteMeister Cup Mute brings together the best acoustic qualities from both the 1930s Ray Robinson cup mute and the 1940s Shastock Tonalcolor cup mute. Its sound is pleasing yet present in both live performance and studio work. The cup is lined with a solid piece of felt, as was done with the original Ray Robinson mute. However, there are no rivets used in the manufacture of the cone or cup, which enhances resonance. The cup also utilizes a wooden resonator with a tone hole to preserve intonation and ease of blow.

The Showtone

The Ingram - MuteMeister "ShowTone" mute is a significant improvement over the classic Shastock Solotone mute in both construction and resonance. This mute is highly sought after by brass players who do a great deal of work in the pit orchestras of Broadway and West End Show productions. Resonance is optimized by employing double wooden resonators, and unlike the original Solotone, the ShowTone does not incorporate brass ferrules on each end. This increases its range of overtones. Intonation, slotting and tonal qualities of the MuteMeister ShowTone far exceed the original 1920s version.

The Straight Mute

The MuteMeister "Straight" mute is a great choice when non-metal straight mutes are preferred. Metal straight mutes did not become commonplace until the 1960s. Nineteenth century and early twentieth century composers wrote with wooden and/or fiber straight mutes in mind. This mute offers stable slotting, brilliant resonance, and has a wide spectrum of overtones.