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Features and Benefits of CLEAN-STROKE Valve Wash:

  • A quick and easy way to clean your valves and valve casings.
  • Removes built up residue which contributes to less responsive valve action.
  • CLEAN-STROKE Valve Wash is a specially formulated detergent made at the Warburton factory.
  • Is compatible with our PDQ valve oil - follow instructions on the valve wash bottle.


"I just used Clean Stroke Valve Wash for the first time on my trumpet.  The valves were sticking badly, especially 3rd valve, and I was thinking it was time for an acid bath but the cost was holding me back.  I thought Clean Stroke Valve Wash might be a good alternative to improve the valve action.  What a difference!  It eliminated the sticking valves and saved me about $100 compared to the acid bath.  A lot of people, especially students, don't realize the difference valve cleaning makes for a horn.  Thanks guys, for the great product."

John Lutz
Soloist, Director, and Arranger
Mt Zion Baptist Church - Nashville, TN