Bill Carmichael (WCC) - Trumpet

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Bill Carmichael (WCC)
Inner Diameter: 0.610
Outer Diameter: 1.090
Cup: Shallow V

Designed in 2004, the WCC top is designed with a shallow V cup with a semi-flat rim, for the lead trumpet player desiring a big sound in the low register and a full-bodied sound in the upper register that does not thin out. One of the main attributes of this mouthpiece is the cushion rim. This rim is a little larger in width making it easy on your chops. Even though the inner diameter is rather small, because of the rim contour, the mouthpiece does not feel that way. The WCC Signature is recommended to anyone who is looking for a little more edge in their sound without losing a full sound in the mid and low range.


Screamin' Bill 1
Inner Diameter: 0.620
Outer Diameter: 1.059
Bore: 27
Cup: Shallow Drop V

Screamin' Bill 2
Inner Diameter: 0.620
Outer Diameter: 1.059
Bore: 27
Cup: Medium-Shallow Drop V

This Drop V-Cup is for players that like the advantages of a straight V-cup, like the MF Giardinelli 1, but would like more stability and accuracy while playing in the mid and upper registers and allowing bigger lower tones. Both piece have a step down just under the rim, thus the "drop."  Screamin' Bill 1  is brighter in sound, ideal for recording and cutting through. Screamin' Bill 2 has a little more of a drop from the rim and is great for microphone work with a rock band.

Bill Carmichael is in high demand throughout Central Florida as a featured trumpet soloist, lead player, teacher, and clinician. Bill has worked with artists such as The Temptations, The Four Tops, Aretha Franklin, Sandi Patty, and South Town Fever. Bill has performed at Disney World and Universal Studios, as well recording as numerous local and major network television commercials. Bill's style is influenced by Maynard Ferguson, Bill Chase, and Clifford Brown. Bill is also in great demand for his successful online lessons.  Many experienced players, have turned to Bill to help them out with embouchure problems.