Trumpet - Aaron Romm

"I trust Warburton equipment because it allows me to achieve the results I want with ease, comfort, and security. The mouthpieces I use are versatile for chamber and symphonic settings; they offer clear and colorful attacks and tone, ideal for ensemble and solo settings alike. And the new trumpets are a thrill to play! Not only are they reliable, but also simultaneously powerful and nimble throughout all registers; the notes 'slot' easily and the tone colors remain vibrant in the extreme dynamic ranges.

I cannot express enough praise for Warburton mouthpieces and trumpets. Every time I play this equipment, I am reminded of the joy of playing the trumpet!"


  • Warburton 336ML
  • Warburton Cornet 33ML


  • Bb trumpet/cornet: 5MW
  • C and Eb trumpets: 5MCW


  • Bb: NY and 7*
  • Cornet: 10
  • Eb: 7*

Aaron Romm has had the distinct pleasure of performing throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe.  He has appeared with the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra(Guadalajara, Mexico), Mannheim Steamroller, and orchestras and bands throughout the Midwest.  Chamber music has always held a special place in Aaron’s heart; he performs with his parents Ronald and Avis Romm in The Romm Family Trio, an internationally acclaimed ensemble, and is a founding member of a Nightmusic, a brass quintet exclusively comprised of trumpets and trombones.  Aaron regularly performs solo recitals and has been featured with bands and orchestras throughout the United States.  He frequently appears as a soloist with school bands and orchestras as part of his educational clinics. When not performing on stage, Aaron performs behind the microphone as an announcer and voice-over artist (for more information, please visit

Dr. Romm serves as trumpet instructor and brass quintet coach at State College of Florida (Manatee-Sarasota).  Prior to his move to Florida, he held an interim professorship in trumpet at Illinois State University, and the Conservatory of Central Illinois.  He is active as a trumpet coach for band programs in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.

Aaron earned a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music, and he completed his Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Aaron Romm is a Warburton Performing Artist and Clinician.