Arturo Sandoval - Trumpet

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Arturo - a take off of Arturo's old Mt. Vernon 3C
Inner Diameter: 0.650
Outer Diameter: 1.086
Cup: Medium Deep
Bore: 27

    Arturo B - A Deeper "Ballad" cup
    Inner Diameter: 0.650
    Outer Diameter: 1.086
    Cup: Deep V
    Bore: 27

    Arturo Flugel
    Inner Diameter: 0.650
    Outer Diameter: 

    Arturo Sandoval showed up at the Warburton Factory for a fun-filled day of mouthpiece making and socializing. He wanted three pieces made. The first as a replacement for his trusty, but old Bach Mt. Vernon 3C. The second for an upcoming project where he recorded a whole CD of beautiful classic ballads. The last was for his flugelhorn, which he wanted as deep as a French Horn piece to achieve the ultimate in dark tone.

    After a few hours of designing and making and testing, he rode off to Daytona Beach to enjoy Bike week with his wife and some friends, with his 3 new gold plated mouthpieces.

    We are very pleased that Arturo has authorized us to market these pieces, as each one is a wonderful sounding model.