Frank Rosolino - Trombone

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Rosolino 1
Inner Diameter: .945"
Outer Diameter: 1.508"
Cup: Shallow "V" style
Bore: .250" (E)
Very free-blowing for a small mouthpiece.

Rosolino 2
I.D.: .965"
O.D.: 1.528"
Cup: Shallow "V" style
Bore: .250" (E)
Model #2 inside diameter similar to Bach 12

Rosolino 3
I.D.: .985"
O.D.: 1.548"
Cup: Shallow "V" style
Bore: .250" (E)
Model #3 inside diameter similar to Bach 11

The original Rosolino piece has proven very popular but there have been players who could not function with the small diameter. We made the Rosolino 2 and 3 with larger inside diameters and they have been a hit! 

The History of the Rosolino Model:

About 3 months before Frank's untimely death in 1978, he and Terry Warburton spent all day working in Terry's shop in Toronto, Canada. The goal: create a mouthpiece design that would outperform the one Frank had played on for 22 years. While it was not easy to do, they were successful. Frank is pointing to that first Warburton Rosolino mouthpiece (our Rosolino #1 model) in the photo with Terry.

Frank gave his original mouthpiece to Terry as a souvenir, and it stayed on Terry's desk until it was nearly lost in the Warburton factory fire in 2005. After the fire, while trying to recover anything possible from the ashes, Terry found the piece buried in the debris where his desk had been.