Traditional Trombone Mouthpiece Tops

Traditional Trombone Mouthpiece Tops

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The new Traditional lineup has the same classic shapes as our equivalent one piece models. They offer you the opportunity to use a rim and cup you've used for years, but give you more options when it come to fine tuning the amount of support and resistance you need. Try our Traditional two piece trombone mouthpieces to experience the familiar feel and sound of the classics with improved efficiency and ability to focus on your sound.

Our Two Piece Trombone Mouthpieces are based on the Warburton System known to trumpet players - utilizing a separate Top and Backbore Section -  allowing the player to customize their equipment to best fit the playing context and personal preference.

To ensure compatibility between models, the 3G, 4G, and 5G tops should be used with ST Backbores. The ST series has a bore of 0.266. The 1 1/2G and the 1 1/4 JW should be used with B backbores. The B series has a bore of 0.281". Different bore sizes are available upon request, but are treated as custom work and thus non-refundable. 

If you need a backbore to go with your Top, click HERE