Josh Omaits - Trombone

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Omaits GPT (General Purpose Tenor) - Top Only
Inner Diameter: 1.030"
Outer Diameter:
Preferred Backbore: T1 and T1* (Not Included)

"The GPT [...] is just what I was hoping it would be: A bit more feedback on the blow to help offset the larger rim and cup, and provide a lot more core and focus to the sound. Works perfectly with my T1 backbore! I can play jazz comfortably or lead if I give it some gas. Plus if I put it in a medium bore trombone, I can do pit orchestra tenor or orchestral principal parts just as easily! With a T1* backbore, it works superbly on small bore euphonium.

If you’re used to a larger rim and want a piece that’s very flexible with tons of core to the sound, I think it really hits the target for something that you can use for pretty much anything; a General Purpose Tenor mouthpiece, if you will."

-Josh Omaits

Omaits Basso - Top Only
Inner Diameter: 1.130"
Outer Diameter: 1.558"
Cup: Deep Bowl
Bore: 0.315" 
Preferred Backbore: B2 - Oversized bore .315 (Not Included)

"How can I sum up my bass mouthpiece in one word? EASE

I was recommended to contact Warburton by my business partner, George Schlub who worked with Terry on many projects in the past. I took a specific rim shape and cup design that worked well for me, and combined it with Terry's ingenuity for ultra-efficient blank and backbore design to create what I consider the Holy Grail of bass trombone mouthpieces. Its medium weight blank combined with the versatility of interchangeable backbores keeps my sound solid with lots of core throughout the entire range and dynamic spectrum, articulation response lightning quick, and comfort that allows me to play all day without excess effort. I wanted a bass trombone mouthpiece that does everything well; High range, low range, soft, loud, and Terry certainly delivered! I can play anything I want with EASE on this mouthpiece! It plays well with any bass trombone, but it particularly works well with my Schlub Brass Works bass!"

Josh Omaits

Josh Omaits is a highly sought-after Trombonist, Bass Trombonist, and Tubist based in the Cincinnati area performing and recording in all styles of music. He is equally proficient in all styles on all low brass instruments from Alto, Tenor, and Bass Trombone, to Tuba, as well as specialized instruments like Bass Trumpet.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s of Music in trombone and bass trombone performance from the prestigious College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati.

Josh can be seen regularly performing all over Ohio with such groups as the Dayton Philharmonic, Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Contemporary Jazz Orchestra, the Queen City Opera, Ohio Metropolitan Pops Orchestra, The Rob Parton Big Band, The Cincy Brass, and many more! Josh has performed alongside several big-name artists such as John Fedchock, Conrad Herwig, Andrea Tofanelli, Till Bronner, Rex Richardson, and Fareed Haque.

Aside from performing, Josh is also an accomplished composer and arranger of brass works. His arrangements have been performed by the CCM Brass Choir, CCM Trombone Choir, The Ohio Metropolitan Pops Orchestra Brass, The Carillon Brass, The Cincy Brass, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and more! Some of his works have even been featured in films!

Josh teaches an exclusive studio of brass students ranging from beginners of all ages to high school and college-age students. His top students have received music scholarships to major universities.

Josh is the founder of Omaits Music, a brass instrument pro shop in the Cincinnati area partnered with Schlub Brass works to provide custom instruments, repairs, specialized equipment, and more for brass musicians.