Ken Titmus - Trumpet

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Inner Diameter: 0.640
Outer Diameter: 1.090
Cup: Shallow V
Bore: 27

The shallow V, "Hammock" style rim slopes inward and has no undercut. Great for lead and commercial work, this top should be tried by 13a4A players who have trouble with bottoming out. Don't forget to try this top with the KT or KT* backbore!

Ken Titmus holds a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Kentucky where he was a student of Vince DiMartino. He has played trumpet with many contemporary bands and is a current member of the Frank Vardaros Jazz Orchestra. Ken is the inventor of the P.E.T.E. and was responsible for the introduction of the "KT" backbore which bears his initials. He worked with Warburton Music Products for 34 years - since 1986! - and has an exceptional amount of knowledge about mouthpieces and how to fit players. He now works with us as a representative in the Central Florida Area in addition to running his own custom mouthpiece business.