Warburton Flugelhorn

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The Warburton flugelhorn has a large flugelhorn wrap and a 0.433 bore. It features a 6-inch gold brass bell, the Warburton slot receiver, and a third slide trigger. Like our trumpets and cornets, every Warburton Flugelhorn is hand-assembled by Terry himself.

What Makes Warburton Instruments Play Better Than The Others?

There are actually many reasons why our trumpets play so well, however one of the big reasons is the Warburton "Slot Receiver". Many players already know about the "gap" and the role it plays with all trumpet and mouthpiece combinations. Careful attention to finding the range of gap measurement that works well for your particular mouthpiece and trumpet solves many issues some players never realized they were fighting against.

Seeing the impact the gap has on playability, Terry Warburton decided further experimentation with this area of the trumpet's airstream was worth looking into. After examining and modifying many other horns, it became evident there was significant value in having a consistent cylindrical area between the gap and the beginning of the tapered leadpipe. This concept has evolved into the Warburton “Slot Receiver” - a standard feature exclusive to the Warburton Trumpet.

The slot receiver does not make the mouthpiece gap consistent across different shanks and tapers. The slot receiver is special because we specifically machined each receiver to fit the individual leadpipe models that we make, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. It also contains a small cylindrical section that meets the top of each leadpipe to help with air speed and efficiency. That is what makes our receiver so special. One of the first things players notice about the Warburton Trumpet is how easily the notes slot into place, and the locked in feel of the note - throughout the entire range of the horn!

Warburton Slot Receiver