Bill Warnick - Horn

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Bill Warnick Signature Mouthpiece
Inner Diameter: 0.748in (19mm)
Outer Diameter: 1.055in (26.8mm)
Bore: #9 (4.98mm)
Cup Shape: Deep V

Note: The Bill Warnick Mouthpiece comes in a standard shank. If you need a special shank, please contact:

"This mouthpiece came about in 1978 because Bob Giardinelli said he was tired of seeing me come in every other week ordering another experimental custom horn mouthpiece. one day he asked me what the heck I was looking for and I explained to him that I could play high notes well and that I could play into the pedal register very well but that I had no endurance up top. He told me to come back at 6:30pm. I showed up at 6:30pm as all the company staff were leaving and over the next three hours Robert Giardinelli handmade a mouthpiece for me that solved my various problems on the French horn. Now I just had to learn to play it. All of a sudden I was getting into finals at auditions, finishing Mahler Symphonies strongly and having much better endurance while missing fewer notes. Unfortunately each copy had to be hand made. Terry Warburton is the first to be able to copy my piece on a computer driven lathe.
This piece is for people with large, fleshy lips that play French horn and find that the standard mouthpieces feel like blowing into a soda straw. It has a 19mm inner diameter, a comfortable, rounded rim, a depth that is similar to a Farkas VDC and a moderate #9 bore which works well with solos, chamber music or orchestral needs."


Bill Warnick has been an in-demand French Horn player and educator since the early eighties, performing with groups like the Orquesta Sinfonica de Colombia, Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Caracas, Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra, Symphony of the New World, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Valli, and The Electric Light Orchestra. He is Adjunct professor of Horn at Bethune-Cookman University, and teaches at summer camps like the Horn Workshop, as well as others each year.