Warburton Woody Mutes

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TR-1 – Maple
Straight • A sparkling classic straight mute without the metallic sound of aluminum.
Cup • A dark, broad cup sound, good for symphonic and orchestral playing.

TR-2 – Walnut
Straight • Rich, warm overtones and its dark sound makes the Walnut a popular solo mute.
Cup • A nice mellow sound, perfect for intimate jazz club work.

TR-3 – Hickory
Straight • A very exciting sound with minimum effort. It sings out without having to “push it.”
Cup • A sound with a little more bite than the Walnut, but still with a nice resonant core.

TR-4 – Oak
Straight • A beautiful, subtle sound between Maple and Hickory, allowing very soft playing.
Cup • A nice warm cup sound with a little more projection.

TR-5 – Pine
Straight • A mellow sound perfect for small club work.
Cup • A resonant sound that can easily play at louder volumes without distorting.

TR-6 – Camphor
Straight • A very broad and mellow tone and one of the prettiest woods.
Cup • A pretty, sweet cup sound for lyrical playing.

TR-7 – Cedar
Straight • A clear, sweet sound, capable of the projection of a metal mute. Very versatile.
Cup • A beautifully resonant cup sound, perfect for solo work.

TR-8 – Wenge
Straight • A very present, strong sounding mute, perfect for articulated or bold passages.
Cup • A clear, resonant sound that falls between the Hickory and Cedar tones.