The Buzzard

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  • The unique combination of internal shapes controls the airflow to achieve balanced resistance
  • The internal taper through the throat section plus the reverse bell flair expands and focuses the buzz
  • Promotes the natural position of the embouchure as if playing the instrument
  • Provides resistance similar to your instrument for a natural, relaxed feel
  • Portable - take along everywhere you can't bring your horn
  • Indestructible - made from tough Delrin plastic - great for students!
  • Lightweight and easily Portable - keep one in your pocket
  • Convenient for a quick and effective warm-up
  • Designed and Manufactured in USA at the Warburton Factory
  • Terry Warburton has successfully developed THE BUZZARD to achieve the maximum buzzing potential at a very affordable price

Available Sizes:

  • TB01 - Trumpet
  • TB02 - French Horn
  • TB03 - Cornet
  • TB04 - Flugelhorn
  • TB05 - Trombone (Tenor)
  • TB06 - Large Trombone
  • TB07 - Euro
  • TB08 - Conn
  • TB09 - Tuba
  • TB10 - Large Tuba


Chad Shoopman talks about The Buzzard



"Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new "Buzzard" that you make.

I had been using the similar device you had been selling, but I can't go back to it now that I've used your "Buzzard". The "Buzzard" is actually easier to hold onto, and that alone helps find the optimum, usual mouthpiece placement. Plus, whatever you did to the air-flow makes going back to the actual horn real natural. If I'm driving to a gig and using the "Buzzard" in the car, I get to the gig with confidence that I haven't done anything harmful to my chops.

When I'm busy composing or arranging, I can often miss getting time on my trombone. But now, I can use the "Buzzard" and my mouthpiece to at least stay in good playing shape through doing my little 5-10 minute routine that works for me a couple of times a day. Again.... I can sleep at night knowing that my chops are in shape for tomorrow nights' gig!

I've been using the P.E.T.E. for about a year know, and that's been super-great. I made a switch back to a larger diameter rim after a number of years on something smaller, and the P.E.T.E. has helped to re-train my embouchure and 'make all normal' again.

Thanks for the great products....... I'll have to try one of your mouthpieces sometime!"

Yours truly,
Cam Millar



Hi Terry, just a quick note that I really love the trombone BUZZARD my brother got for me. I buzz a lot, driving to gigs, warming up, just walking around. A big plus is that in some clubs you have no place to warm up as you would disturb the people, so now I can warm up with the BUZZARD with the same air resistance as my horn so Im ready to play with out overblowing the horn. I also use it daily as a warm up tool when practicing. Anyway great invention, and I will tell others about it too.

Barry Mosley