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We manufacture a complete line of mouthpieces for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba - plus our growing line of top quality accessories for both brass and woodwind instruments. The Warburton system flexibility gives you the most efficient mouthpiece or saxophone neck components for performing in any playing situation.

To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, our factory is no longer taking appointments or walk-ins. We are taking phone and online orders only until further notice.

We are taking every precaution to provide a clean and safe working environment for our staff to ensure our ability to serve all of our customers. Thank you for understanding.

Spring Forward Sale extended through 3/29!

$25 off a minimum $100 total purchase (coupon code 25100)
$50 off a minimum $200 total purchase (coupon code 50200)
$150 off a minimum $500 purchase (coupon code 150500)

Get a Free Plastic P.E.T.E. for Brass with the purchase of any P.E.T.E., Buzzard, A.P.E., A.T.V., O.P.S., or Speak-Easy.
*One free P.E.T.E. per order, per customer.
Mute Meister mutes not included

Low Brass A.P.E.s are Here!

You asked for it, and we delivered!

The Anti-Pressure Exerciser (A.P.E.) is now available for all brass,
including Large Shank Trombone, Standard Tuba, and yes, even Large Shank Tuba!

Featuring: D-Series Backbores!

Does your horn play a little stuffy? Have you checked your gap with our Gapchek and found it's a bit large? One way to fix that is with a D-series Backbore. With a narrower taper, it allows the backbore to go further into the receiver, and shortens the gap. Many players have found that the D-series backbore has fixed many issues in the way their horn blows and responds. While this can benefit players with horns from many manufacturers, one of the most common to show benefits has been Schilke trumpets. D-Series Backbores are available in standard and star series 1-12, and all commercial backbores in standard weight for B-flat trumpet only.

Warburton Woody Mutes

Warburton Woody Mutes make a great gift for the trumpet player who has everything - else. These handcrafted mutes are available as cup of straight mutes in eight different woods. Each model has not only has its own look, but also a distinct sound thanks to the varying hardness of the woods.

New Products Alert!

The "PT" Backbore

Announcing the new "Principal Trumpet" backbore! With the introduction of a new reamer design, this backbore helps to create the old-style Symphonic Trumpet sound that can project over the orchestra without becoming too bright or strident. Resistance falls between the 8 & 9 backbores. The scope of the PT backbore is not as wide as the Warburton star series, which may pay off at the end of long passages.

Warburton Speak-Easy - Inline Weights

Using Speak-Easy inline weights, Warburton mouthpiece users have experienced improvements in stability, sound quality and even endurance! Often the "dead notes around high D and Eb seem to "speak" easier, giving the tool its name. Each size weight (.600" and .620" outer diameter) offers unique benefits in different playing conditions and musical styles. Works great for Bb and C trumpet work!

NEW Warburton Gard Bags Now Available!*

Protect your Warburton Trumpets with this sleek black case! Mid-bag suspension keep your horns safe, while leather handles and accents, outer pouches, and optional shoulder/backpack straps provide comfort, style, and convenience.

The Double Trumpet Bag: $165 - Order Now

Trumpet/Flugel Bag: $200 - Order Now

Vintage Pre-Fire Tops

As you may know, our factory burned in 2005, and as we moved forward, we made some minor changes to our standard trumpet top models.

We still have a few Pre-Fire tops on hand, and are now making select pieces from Terry's private collection available on our public Warburton Music Products Facebook page

Please keep an eye out for these NEW "old-stock" pieces, as they are often one of a kind, and first-come-first-serve listings.

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