Demondrae Thurman - Euphonium

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Demondrae Thurman Signature Euphonium Mouthpiece
Inner Diameter: 1.030" (compares to Bach 3G)
Outer Diameter: 1.620"
Cup: Medium Deep
Rim Contour: Medium wide
Bore: .290" (L)

"I finally have the mouthpiece that affords me the rich yet focused sound that I've desired all of my playing life. The rim allows me to play my full range without shifting. It is by far the most comfortable mouthpiece I've ever played."

Demondrae Baritone
I.D.: 1.030"
O.D.: 1.575"
Bore: .266"
Cup: Shallow Bowl

"The Demondrae Model baritone mouthpiece is one of a kind! I am able to play with the type of brilliant tone that it is a cornerstone of the British-style brass band. This mouthpiece also allows me to play much better in tune. Lastly, it has a rim that isn't too small which has always been my struggle with baritone horn mouthpieces. So if you're like I am and play euphonium in addition to baritone horn, I can't encourage you enough to give this mouthpiece a try."

Demondrae Bass Trumpet
I.D.: 1.030"
O.D.: 1.575"
Bore: .266"
Cup: Shallow, V-style

"The Demondrae bass trumpet mouthpiece is amazing. Because I use the bass trumpet exclusively in symphony orchestra, I need to be able to match the sound concepts of any group that asks me to play. I am able to play the extremes of the dynamic range and my sound remains focused. I also feel that with this mouthpiece, I'm able to play notes on the 5th and 10th partials more in tune because those notes are typically very low on the bass trumpet. Because I don't play this horn often, I needed a mouthpiece that will be reliable: I now I have it."

Demondrae Thurman is quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in a new generation of euphonium soloists. His solo recording entitled Soliloquies was released on the Summit Records label in 2005. He plans to make a recording a songs and arias in June of 2008. Demondrae is in high demand as a clinician/adjudicator. He has been a featured artist for many of the International Tuba/Euphonium and U.S. Army Band Conferences in addition the Leonard Falcone Festival. Thurman has performed and recorded as euphoniumist with several orchestras included the Atlanta Symphony under the baton of Grammy Award-winning conductor Robert Spano. As a champion of contemporary music, Demondrae has premiered numerous works for solo euphonium including Soliloquies by John Stevens and Fantasy for Euphonium and Orchestra by Doug Bristol.

Demondrae is also an active chamber musician. He is a founding member of the highly acclaimed Sotto Voce Quartet. Sotto Voce has performed extensively throughout North America and Europe and has three recordings on Summit Records. Sotto Voce’s second release, Viva Voce!: The Complete Quartets of Johns Stevens, won the first ever Roger Bobo Award for excellence in chamber music recording given by the International Tuba/Euphonium Association. Demondrae also plays first baritone horn with the world renowned Brass Band of Battle Creek.

Equally in demand as a trombonist, Demondrae has performed with the Mobile Symphony, Jacksonville Symphony, Tuscaloosa Symphony, Hot Springs Festival Orchestra, and as a member of the Tuscaloosa Horns with such Motown recording artists as The Temptations, The Four Tops and The Supremes.

Demondrae Thurman is a Miraphone Performing Artist and plays exclusively the Miraphone 5050 Ambassador “Edition” euphonium which was designed specifically for him. He also plays the “Demondrae” model mouthpiece manufactured by Warburton Music Products.

Currently, Demondrae is Associate Professor of Music at Samford University where he teaches low brass, conducts the Wind Ensemble, and serves as Director of Graduate Studies. In addition to his duties at Samford University, Demondrae is also on the faculty of the Miraphone Academy, Southeastern Tuba Euphonium Workshop and the National Music Festival Euphonium Workshop.