Scott Bliege - Trombone

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SB Top
Inner Diameter: .995"
Outer Diameter: 1.540"
Cup: Shallow
Bore: .250"
Backbore Options: T1 - T6 (Scott uses the T6)

SB-L Top 
Inner Diameter: .995"
Outer Diameter: 1.540"
Cup: Medium Deep
Bore: .250"
Backbore Options: Bliege Model (dedicated)

"I do a lot of recordings, shows, and commercial work. I have been in many situations in which I have to use my King 3B, and Conn 88HYO to double on. I found that the mouthpieces I had been using were too drastically different- causing my chops to swell and become unresponsive in certain registers of the instrument.

That's when I went to Terry Warburton. He designed a set of mouthpieces for me that virtually eliminated my chop problems... now I switch back and forth between small & large tenors effortlessly without sacrifice in sound, range or projection. The SB model is a shallow piece for lead and commercial playing. It gets a surprising amount of depth in the low register when matched up with the open blowing T6 backbore. The SB-L (same rim diameter, but large cup) has a more V-shaped cup which really works for me. It produces the sound of a 5G but has the feel and mobility more like a 6-1/2 AL.

My friend and exceptional trombonist, Jeff Thomas, came over and tried the prototype and said, 'Scott, you've found the missing link in trombone mouthpieces!!! When do they go on sale?' These mouthpieces are the best that I've played in my 30 year career as a trombonist."

- Scott Bliege

Scott Bliege won full scholarships to the University of Indiana, Illinois, Eastman School of Music, Julliard, and Northern Illinois University. He chose NIU, because of its proximity to downtown Chicago, where he was already working professionally as a recording artist. While attending NIU, he was the 1981 recipient of the International Trombone Association's Frank Rosolino Jazz Award, making him the most outstanding jazz trombonist in the world under the age of 25.

His professional performance experience includes 3 years with Buddy Rich and 2 years with Frank Sinatra. Scott has recorded and toured with the rock groups Styx, Chicago (Chicago 17 record tour), and has been with Phil Collins since 1995. Movie work includes Disney's The Lion King and Tarzan.