Brandon Jones - Euphonium

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Brandon Jones Euphonium Mouthpiece
Inner Diameter: 1.030"
Outer Diameter: 1.575"
Cup: Modified V
Bore size: .290" (size L)

"I have been longing for the mouthpiece that could give me the sound that has been in my head for years. I have played them all...literally. While I feel that all of the "top" mouthpieces out there for the euphonium right now are high-quality, great mouthpieces, they still never gave me the sound that I hear in my head.

At some point, the equipment DOES in fact matter. I had heard so many good things from my good friend Demondrae Thurman about the SOUND that Terry Warburton's mouthpiece that he designed for Demondrae gives him. I figured I would give it a try. Terry sent me a 3G to try and give feedback, and I immediately had ideas of what I wanted in my own mouthpiece. With a few minor adjustments and a new, yet classy modernized outer shape, I feel more than confident that I have arrived at the mouthpiece that has truly hit the mark with me and most importantly with the SOUND that has been in my head. I want to be able to create several colors and styles when I play, and this mouthpiece gives me all of the options on the market. The initial feeling on my face is pure comfort, which inspires immediate confidence.

This is BY FAR the easiest euphonium mouthpiece to play and project in the upper and extreme upper register that I have ever played, yet it does not compromise with the sound in the low range tones. The sound truly "sings", is incredibly easy to play, and is simply put THE best euphonium mouthpiece I have ever played. Terry truly has more than mastered his art, and I know that all that try this mouthpiece will be hard pressed to find anything better. Try it! You'll LOVE it! I know I do!"