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We are pleased to offer Warburton professional trumpets. These are pro level horns starting at only $2350.00. 

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Available finishes:

Raw Brass$2350.00
Silver Plated$2650.00
Gold PlatedPrice on request

The Titanium bell option adds $500.00 to any finish and is only available in Raw Brass or Lacquer.

Pricing does not include shipping or a case.

Several leadpipe, bell, and bore size options are available to ensure you get the setup you need.

We may be interested in your horn as a trade-in. Contact us to discuss.


1 Small
2 Medium
3 Large
4 EV - Extended Venturi

Bell Options:

MaterialDiameter (inches)Weight
1Yellow Brass5LightLarge
2Red Brass5StandardStandard
3Yellow Brass5StandardStandard
4Gold Brass5StandardLarge
5Gold Brass5LightLarge
6Red Brass5-1/4StandardLarge

Bore Size Options:

Diameter (inches)
ML 0.460
L 0.465
XL 0.470

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Our model number format is:

  • 1st digit = Leadpipe Option
  • 2nd digit = Valve Section (all of them are "3" - meaning we're currently using our third generation valve section)
  • 3rd digit = Bell Option
  • bore size option
  • 131-ML has the small leadpipe, yellow 5 inch bell, and medium large bore size.
  • 234-ML has the medium leadpipe, gold brass 5 inch bell, and medium large bore size.
Here are our most popular models for these playing styles:

Playing StyleModel
Lead / Commercial131-ML or 33T-ML
Lead / Extreme Upper Register234-ML or 33T-ML
All-Around, Commercial / Orchestral335-ML

Other configurations are available on request. Please contact us to discuss options, pricing, and availability.

Warburton C Trumpet

Model Material Diameter Weight Flare
6 Red Brass 5-1/4 Standard Large
8 Gold Brass 5 Light Standard
9 Gold Brass 5 Standard Standard
10 Yellow Brass 5 Standard Large

Why does the Warburton Trumpet play so much better than the others?

There's actually many reasons - however one of the big reasons is the Warburton "Slot Receiver". Many players already know about the "gap" and the role it plays with all trumpet/mouthpiece combinations. Careful attention paid to finding the range of gap measurement which works well for your particular mouthpiece and trumpet solves many issues some players never realized they were fighting against.

Seeing the impact the gap has on playability, Terry Warburton decided further experimentation with this area of the trumpet's air stream was worth looking into. After examining and modifying many other horns, it became evident there was significant value in having a consistent cylindrical area between the gap and the beginning of the tapered leadpipe. This concept has evolved into the Warburton “Slot Receiver” - a standard feature exclusive to the Warburton Trumpet.

One of the first things players notice about the Warburton Trumpet is how easily the notes slot into place, and the locked in feel of the note - throughout the entire range of the horn!

Play test a Warburton Trumpet and see for yourself.

Every Warburton Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn is hand-assembled by Terry himself



Warranty Information

Mark Zauss playing the titanium bell option

Tyler Jaeger:

playing one of the early prototypes

model 33T

model 33T

model 333L and the Warburton Flugelhorn

Alan Cox (model 431):

Alan Beeson (model 234-ML):

Dustin Shrum (model 233-L):