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Our standard line of tuba pieces encompasses a very complete selection of both inside diameter and cup depths.

Bill Masonheimer
"I didn't think I had any reason to change from my Mirafone C4 tuba mouthpiece, which I have played for 43 years, but after trying your 32D I've never gone back. Not only is my sound even sweeter than before, it has centered up low Eb giving me confidence that I'm the one in tune (the way I feel about the other notes) and everyone else needs to find me. I couldn't be happier. Thanks!"

Bill Masonheimer

The designations represent the inside diameter, in hundredths of an inch, and the cup depth. For example, a 28D would be 1.280" and a deep cup.

In addition to our standard tuba mouthpiece models, we've finished development of "The Grail Series" models. These are reproductions of really great playing old Helleberg models that we have had an opportunity to examine and replicate. We have had great success with these models and ask that you contact Russ Ward to find out more.

Standard Models

Cup Depths available
Shallow, Medium, Deep
25 1.250" Shallow, Medium, Deep
26 1.260" Shallow, Medium, Deep
28 1.280" Shallow, Medium, Deep
30 1.300"

Shallow, Medium, Deep

32 1.320"

Shallow, Medium, Deep

The Grail Series
TG11.2801.830Q (0.332)XD
TG21.2501.890P (0.323)MD
TG31.2501.890Q (0.332)MD
TG41.2601.900Q (0.332)D

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Kelly Thomas Signature Models
Kelly Thomas 11.3181.950Q (0.332)XD
Kelly Thomas 21.2641.930N (0.302)Shallow
more info about Kelly Thomas

Charles Villarrubia Signature Models
Model I.D. O.D. Bore Cup
V5 1.318 1.890 Q (0.332) D
V81.318 1.890 Q (0.332)
more info about Charles Villarrubia