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"Mark Anthony's show starts off with a real face pounder, with a lot of sustained high notes. My new Warburton set-up lets me start off with more confidence, which helps me stay relaxed throughout the entire show."

Joenuel Lebron Millan born and raised in Puerto Rico has been involved with music from an early age.
At 12 he began his musical studies with Victor "K-Leco" Lebron at the Escuela Libre de Musica in Humacao.
By age 15 he began his professional career recording for a Chrisitian Artist and several other well known musicians and orchestras. He graduated from el Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico with a bachelors in Music Education with emphasis on trumpet.

His credits include: Olga Tañon, Victor Manuelle, Manny Manuel, Michael Stuart, Rey Ruiz, Danny Rivera, Orquesta Sinfonica de PR Filarmonica Arturo Somohano, Hartford Orchestra, René Gonzalez, Danny Berrios, Lourdes Toledo, Marcos Witt, Marcos Vidal, Roberto Orellana, Yamil Ledesma, Andy Montañez, Willy Rosario, Glenn Monroig, Elias Lopés, Luis Perico Ortiz, NG2, N-klabe, Orq, La Mulenze, Band Estatal de PR, Egguie Castrillo & Palladium Tradition Orchestra, Berklee Jazz faculty Big Band, William Cepeda y la Afrorican Jazz Band and many more.
Currently he is playing and touring with Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez as their 1st trumpet player.
Joenuel uses Fides Symphony trumpets and Warburton mouthpieces exclusively.

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JLM Trumpet Top

Quick Facts: Joenuel Lebron Signature Top

Inside diameter - .656"
Outside diameter - 1.095"
Cup style - shallow V-bowl
Bore size - #27 (.144")

Shallow lead cup, #4 diameter.
More outer diameter than our standard #4 rim

Joenuel uses our "NY" (New York) backbore with his JLM top.