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NEW PRODUCT: Warburton Traditional Trombone Tops

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The WARBURTON system facilitates the brass player's choosing of a mouthpiece with the optimum combination of rim diameter, cup style and depth, and backbore. This unique ability allows a player to fit together a mouthpiece that will best balance sound and resistance with his own instrument. The choices available with the WARBURTON system will afford one the most efficient mouthpiece with which to perform in any given playing situation.
Warburton One-Piece Trombone
Warburton Trombone Backbore
Warburton Trombone Top

"Warbonite" Hard Rubber

The system consists of interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACKBORE" sections. The various cup designs have been chosen for their ability to produce any sound desired by the player. The different cup depths within one diameter allow the player to easily change mouthpieces to perform in a different context. The backbore designs complement the cup shapes and further assist in the "fine-tuning" of the sound.
The WARBURTON system allows the player the opportunity to personally "balance" their equipment, a process that heretofore was not within grasp!
Scott Whitfield, Les Benedict, Linda Small Christlieb, Robbie Hioki
Scott Whitfield, Les Benedict, Linda Small Christlieb, and Robbie Hioki all love their Warburton mouthpieces!

Model Inside diameter Available Cups
1 1.140" B
2 1.120" B
3 1.100" B
4 1.080" B
5 1.060" B
6 1.040" B
7 1.030" S, M, D, ST, B
8 1.020" S, M, D, ST, B
9 1.010" S, M, D, ST
10 1.000" S, M, D, ST
11 0.990" S, M, D
12 0.980" S, M, D
13 0.970" S, M, D
14 0.960" S, M, D
15 0.950" S, M, D

Warburton Bach Schilke Wick
1 - - -
2 1 60 -
3 1-1/2 59 -
4 2 58 -
5 3 57 2
6 4 56 3
7 - - -
8 5 51 4
9 - - -
10 6-1/2 50 5
11 - - -
12 7 48 9
13 - - -
14 11 46 12
15 12 - -
Warburton TOPS


A shallow "bowl" shape.
The WARBURTON S cups are the shallowest pieces on the market.
For unusual upper register demands or the ALTO trombone, these models perform well.


These are medium depth with a modified "V" contour.
The M cup is preferred by players doing LEAD work in big bands.


These deep cups produce a very full sound and are our most popular models.


The "SYMPHONY-TENOR" models are exactly that.
The large cup volume produces the ultimate in sound to fill the largest auditorium.
These cups should be used with the ST model backbores.


All of the B cups are very deep models that are intended for use with the BASS trombone.
Combined with the B series of backbores, these models will excel in the low register.


Bore .250".
The T series is the standard for Tenor trombone.
They are numbered from 1 to 6, with 1 being the smallest and 6 the largest.


Bore .250".
The T* (STAR) series is the same as the T series except that there is no cylindrical section.
The T* models are somewhat more free blowing than the standard models.


Bore .266".
There are 3 models for the ST backbores.
They are numbered from 1 to 3, with 1 being the smallest.
It is worth noting that these models were designed for the large tenor; it is not just a tenor backbore with a large shank.


Bore .281".
The three B backbores fully complement the Bass cups in providing a full sound that is rich in harmonic overtones.
Number 1 is the smallest and 3 the largest.
NOTE - ST and B backbores are also available to fit Old Conn 88 and 72 models and Boosey & Hawkes euphoniums.

"From the moment I played the first note on the Warburton 6T mouthpiece I knew that this was something special for me. I don't change equipment much. I've played the same horn (King Silver Sonic 3B) for more than 30 years and in that same time I've used about 4 different mouthpieces. I wasn't looking for a mouthpiece, but I thought I would give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. I knew it was something special right away. I've been playing it ever since.

The Warburton 6T mouthpiece feels very secure in all registers and in all volumes, in all situations. I love it."

Ed Neumeister

read more about Ed here...

Ed Neumeister

Bill Tole

My new Warburton 12M-T4 is the perfect mouthpiece for me for playing long phrases on ballads. As leader of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra I have to play some of the solos that Tommy Dorsey used to play when they were the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra. The comfortable rim, the quick response and ease of articulation makes every register just sing out. I have searched for a long time to find this perfect mouthpiece.

Bill Tole - Leader of Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

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Warburton One-piece Trombone, Euphonium, and Baritone Mouthpieces

We are pleased to announce that due to so many people wanting a high quality one-piece trombone mouthpiece in sizes that they are familiar with, we have designed a complete line of one- piece trombone mouthpieces. While the numbering system is familiar, (using Bach nomenclature), each model has been designed to eliminate problems that have come to light over the years. We have made the rims more comfortable, and the throat sizes are balanced to the cups. The backbores are maximized for tone production and projection.
one piece trombone
Warburton One-Piece Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone Mouthpieces
MODEL OD BORE ID Cup Depth Description
1G 1.62 0.295 1.09 Deep Extra-Large, Schilke 60
1 1/4 G 1.61 0.295 1.09 Deep Cup diameter is smaller than 1G, but still very large and deep. Narrower rim than 1 1/2 and 1
1 1/2 G 1.6 0.295 1.08 Deep For many years, the standard mouthpiece for the serious bass trombone player.
2G 1.58 0.295 1.06 Deep Narrower ID than the 1 1/2G. Full resonant sound in all registers
3G 1.56 0.281 1.03 Deep Narrower than 2G with a deep bass trombone cup, throat, and backbore. Schilke 57
4G 1.56 0.281 1.022 Deep A versatile, large-diameter mouthpiece. Schilke 56, Wick 3
4G-E 1.56 0.281 1.022 Deep As 4G but with European (Boosey/Willson) shank
4GD 1.56 0.281 1.022 Extra-Deep Like 4G with an extra deep cup. .281 bore.
4GDL 1.56 0.29 1.022 Extra-Deep Like 4GD with a large .290 bore. Excellent euphonium mouthpiece. Full low register. SM3
4GD-E 1.56 0.281 1.022 Extra-Deep As 4GD but with European (Boosey/Willson) shank
4GDL-E 1.56 0.29 1.022 Extra-Deep Like 4GDL. Large .290 bore. Excellent euphonium mouthpiece. European shank.
4GS 1.56 0.277 1.022 Medium-shallow Shallower cup with smaller bore than 4G. Produces slightly brighter sound. .277 bore.
4GS-E 1.56 0.277 1.022 Medium-shallow As 4GS with Euro/Boosey/Willson shank.
4GS-T 1.56 0.266 1.022 Medium-shallow As 4GS with Tenor trombone/baritone shank.
5G 1.545 0.277 1.008 Medium Deep Favorite for symphonic trombone. Schilke 51, Wick 4
5G-E 1.545 0.277 1.008 Medium Deep As 5G but with European (Boosey/Willson) shank
5G-T 1.545 0.266 1.008 Medium Deep As 5G but with Tenor trombone shank
5GD 1.545 0.281 1.008 Deep 5G diameter with a deep 4G cup. Full tone.
5GD-E 1.545 0.281 1.008 Deep As 5GD with Euro/Boosey/Willson shank.
5GD-T 1.545 0.266 1.008 Deep As 5GD with Tenor trombone/baritone shank.
5GDL 1.545 0.29 1.008 Deep Designed especially for the Euphonium for comfort, tone and performance. Wick SM4
5GDL-E 1.545 0.29 1.008 Deep As 5GDL with European (pre 1974 Boosey and Willson shank).
5GS 1.545 0.266 1.008 Medium-shallow Shallower cup with smaller bore than 5G. Produces slightly brighter sound. .266 bore.
5GS-E 1.545 0.266 1.008 Medium-shallow As 5GS with Euro/Boosey/Willson shank.
5GS-T 1.545 0.25 1.008 Medium-shallow Terrific baritone mouthpiece. Versatile sound. Blends with alto horns and trombones.
6 1.545 0.25 0.996 Medium Very efficient. Good high register. Bach 6 1/2, Schilke 50, Wick 5. Good student mouthpiece
6-E 1.545 0.25 0.996 Medium As 6 (above) with Euro shank
6-T 1.545 0.234 0.996 Medium As 6 with tenor trombone shank
7 1.545 0.234 0.992 Medium Designed for trombone players who desire a full tone for section or solo playing. Schilke 48, Wick 9
11 1.512 0.234 0.972 Medium Brilliant ringing tone of large volume. Schilke 46, Wick 12
12 1.5 0.234 0.96 Medium Brilliant, crisp tone. The best selling model for all-around playing for tenor trombone. (Bach 12C)

(T = Tenor shank, E = Euro/Boosey/Willson shank)

I cannot begin to describe how much I like the 4GD, it is the perfect fit for my Yamaha 842S Euphonium. I would recommend this mouthpiece for anyone wanting to produce a big, rich, and full sound on a large horn. I have received numerous praises from teachers and colleagues regarding my sound, intonation, and note accuracy since making the change to the 4GD.

Henry Attaway
Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Principal Euphonium

Henry Attaway

Introduced to the Warburton 5G "L" (.290" bore) at the Euphonium/Tuba conference at Ft. Myer, VA in Jan 2003, Air Force Master Sgt. William Jones has been playing it ever since.

A prominent Washington DC performer and educator, Jones has been featured as a soloist and clinician throughout the country. His former teachers include retired Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Dr. Brian Bowman, Murray Crewe, Roger Hanson and Barry Morrison.

Sgt. Jones is a Willson artist, so he chose the "E" (Euro) shank.

William Jones

Signature Trombone and Euphonium Mouthpiece Models

In addition to the full range of Warburton One-Piece and Two-Piece models, we also offer the following Signature models:

Frank Rosolino Signature Model
Frank Rosolino Trombone Mouthpiece

Model #1:

Inside diameter - small - compares to a Bach 15.
Cup - Shallow "V" style
Bore - .250" (E)
Very free-blowing for a small mouthpiece.

Model #2 inside diameter similar to Bach 12

Model #3 inside diameter similar to Bach 11

The Rosolino piece has proven very popular but there were a few players who could not function with the small diameter of the original, so we made several with larger inside diameters and the guys loved them. These larger diameter models are the Rosolino #2 (12C diameter ) and the Rosolino #3 (11C diameter)

Order your Frank Rosolino Model here

History of the Rosolino Model:

About 3 months before Frank's untimely death in 1978, he and Terry Warburton had worked all day in Terry's shop in Toronto, Canada - working on a mouthpiece design that would outperform the one Frank had played on for 22 years. While it was not easy to do, they were successful. Frank is pointing to that first Warburton Rosolino mouthpiece (our Rosolino #1 model) in this photo:

Terry Warburton and Frank Rosolino, 1978 in Toronto, Canada

Frank gave the original mouthpiece to Terry as a souvenir, and it stayed on Terry's desk until it was nearly lost in the Warburton factory fire in 2005. After the fire, while trying to recover anything possible from the ashes, Terry found the piece buried under where his desk had been. Here's a photo of Frank's original mouthpiece:

Frank Rosolino original mouthpiece

Demondrae Thurman Signature Model (Euphonium)
Demondrae Thurman Mouthpiece

More Info at Demondrae's Customer Testimonial page

Inside Diameter - 1.030" (compares to Bach 3G)
Outside Diameter - 1.620"
Cup - Deep
Rim Contour - Medium wide
Bore - .290" (L)

Order your Demondrae Thurman Model here

Gail Robertson Signature Model (Euphonium)

Gail Robertson Mouthpiece

More Info at Gail's Customer Testimonial page

Inside Diameter - 1.030"
Outside Diameter - 1.560"
Cup - deep
Bore size - .290" (L)
Made of bronze

Be sure to read Gail's comments on her testimonial page about this Bronze mouthpiece.

Order your Gail Robertson Model here

Brandon Jones Signature Model (Euphonium)

Brandon Jones Signature Euphonium Mouthpiece

More Info at Brandon's Customer Testimonial page

Outside Diameter - 1.575"
Inside Diameter - 1.030"
Cup - modified V
Bore size - .290" (L)

Order your Brandon Jones Model here

Rick Stout Signature Model (Large-Bore Trombone and Euphonium)

Rick Stout Trombone Mouthpiece

More Info at Rick's Customer Testimonial page

Ideal for large-bore Trombone and Euphonium players.

Rick Stout 4:

Inside Diameter - compares to Bach 4G
Outside Diameter - 1.545"
Rim Contour - comfortable
Cup - deep
Bore size is .290" (L)

Rick Stout 5:

Same cup design as RS4 except inside diameter compares to Bach 5G

Order your Rick Stout Model here

Keith Oshiro Signature Model Trombone Top

Keith Oshiro Trombone Top

More Info at Keith's Customer Testimonial page

Inside Diameter - .960"
Outer Diameter - 1.515"
Cup Style: Medium Bowl
Bore: 1/4" (0.250" - size E)
Backbore Options: T1 - T6 (Keith uses the #3)

Order your Keith Oshiro Top here

Scott Whitfield Signature Model

Scott Whitfield Signature Mouthpiece by Warburton

More Info at Scott's Customer Testimonial page

Inside Diameter - .980"
Outside Diameter - 1.510"
Cup Style - Medium Bowl
Bore size is .250" (size E)

Great for lead trombone players!

Order your Scott Whitfield model here

Scott Bliege Signature Trombone Top Models

Scott Bliege Signature Mouthpiece

More Info at Scott's Customer Testimonial page

Scott Bliege Signature Series - Quick Facts:
Model Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Cup Style
Backbore Options
SB Top .995"
1/4" (E)
T1 - T6 (Scott uses the T6)
SB-L Top
Medium Deep
1/4" (E)
Bliege backbore (dedicated)

Order your Scott Bliege models here

Domingo Pagliuca Signature Model

Domingo Pagliuca  and Terry Warburton

Domingo Pagliuca Signature Mouthpiece

Domingo had been playing our RS5 model which was working very well for symphony use. He wanted a brighter version of it that could also be used in the Salsa bands but still be suitable for symphony venues. Domingo visited the factory and worked with Terry through several changes to the RS5 model - mainly adding a slight V shape to the bottom - to achieve the result Domingo was looking for.

More info about Domingo at his web page

Inside Diameter - 1.014"
Outside Diameter - 1.545"
Cup Style - Deep, with V at the bottom
Bore size is .281" (size K)

Order your Domingo Pagliuca model here

1-1/4 JW Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

More info on the James Warburton 1-1/4 JW Mouthpiece

Order your 1-1/4 JW model here

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