My Mouthpiece plays GREAT for an hour, then closes off! Print
A mouthpiece has no moving parts! If this happens to you...
The top of your cup may descend at an undesirable angle as shown here:

This cup style creates an
effectively smaller diameter
as more lip tissue gets wedged
into the cup...

cup example
  • Immediate increase in range
  • Works well for first hour
  • Arm pressure seems to extend range
  • Sound becomes thinner and more piercing as you ascend
  • Not enough room to accommodate normal swelling of the lips
  • Mechanically closes aperture; you are not in control
All standard Warburton tops feature a more "vertical drop" from the inside bite of the rim:

Warburton Advantages:

  • Diameter does not shrink as lip tissue is introduced
  • Sound stays full and open in the upper register
  • Won't become stuffy when normal lip swelling occurs
cup example