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What effect does gold plating have? Print
  • Warms up to skin temperature quickly
  • Allows lips to "roll" in and out of mouthpiece with ease-- often preferred by players with a wet-lip set
  • More agreeable to those with allergy problems or sensitive skin
Gold does not have as strong of a "friction grab" as silver. If you depend on the mouthpiece "sticking" to your lips, you may not be pleased with the results. When asking fellow trumpet players their opinion of gold, it is unlikely that you will get a middle-of-the-road answer; opinions run strong. If you are unsure, ask some players about their experiences with gold and try to relate them to your playing.
How much extra time does gold plating take?
No extra time! The Warburton factory is now equipped with an in-house, 24-Karat gold plating system. We use a silver base coat, so any unit which is in stock and ready for shipping can be gold plated the same day.