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What is the advantage of a SERIES 80 backbore? Print
SERIES 80 backbores have been well received by trumpet players wishing to increase their maximum controllable volume, and by those seeking a denser, more authoritative core to their sound.

SERIES 80 backbores are so named because the large "barrel" section measures .80" in diameter. In developing a high-mass backbore for use with Warburton tops, Terry Warburton designed a series of blanks ranging from slightly more mass to a full 7/8 inch (.875") diameter (Series 65, 70, 75, 80, 87). These were sent to well respected trumpet players around the country for comment, and were tested in the factory by Orlando's top call players. In universal accord, the "80" series was singled out as the most effective and vibrant. Because there is not an excess of mass up around the rim and cup, we did not find it necessary to install a larger bore (throat) as was done by other manufacturers of a heavy one-piece model.
Series 80 Playing Characteristics
series 80
  • Increases maximum volume potential. Test this with a crescendo on a long tone. Chances are you will go beyond the point at which sound would normally break up or reach its limit.
  • Locks in unstable partials in the extreme upper register.
  • Requires more use of the large skeletal muscles of the body without added burden to the lips. Functioning at increased volume levels will draw more energy from your body, but the rewards are often impressive.
  • Generally not preferred for softer playing as they require a certain minimum amount of energy to be effective.