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What does WARBURTON-FT. LAUDERDALE or WARBURTON or WARBURTON-OVIEDO or WARBURTON-USA stamped on our mouthpieces mean? Print

As you may already know, in June 2005 the Warburton factory burned to the ground. Nearly everything was lost - all the machinery, tooling, computers, inventory - all gone - except for our stamping machine which we use to stamp our name and model designation into most of our products as shown in this photo:

From 1974 through 1981 we stamped the products with "WARBURTON-TORONTO" because the factory was located in Toronto, Canada. During this time all the mouthpieces were cut from form tools created by Terry Warburton back in the 1974 era. Form tools are simply cutting tools that are precision ground in the shape of the part to be made. In this case, the many form tools were made in the shape of our different mouthpiece sizes and designs.

In 1981, Terry moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL and changed the stamp to "WARBURTON-FT. LAUDERDALE". The original form tooling from 1974 was still being used.

From 1987 through the time of the fire in June 2005 the factory was located at several locations in the Orlando, FL area and the stamp was changed to "WARBURTON". The original form tools were still working perfectly - and produced countless thousands of great mouthpieces over the years.

After fire in June 2005, Terry Warburton rebuilt the factory in Oviedo, Florida and ordered all new stamps for the stamping machine (which thankfully was not destroyed as it is nearly impossible to replace). In order to differentiate pre-fire pieces from the later ones, the new name stamp was "WARBURTON-OVIEDO". Prior to the fire, we had accumulated a number of computerized CNC lathes for mass production of all the outside shapes but we were not using the CNC lathes to cut the mouthpiece cups and rims because the form cutting tools were still doing a good job. However, the heat from the fire had damaged the precision ground form cutting tools. Panic!

At this point, it made sense to make the transition to fully computerized machining processes for all of the mouthpiece cup and rim shapes. This also meant that Terry had to create CAD drawings of each size and shape which could then be used to create the CNC code needed to control the newly purchased CNC lathes - a process which took many months to fully complete. At the same time, Terry had accumulated 30 years of experience in the business and took the opportunity to put that experience into various subtle refinements to the mouthpieces.

In a nutshell, our new fully computerized machining processes consistently produce cup and rim shapes based on Terry's 35+ years of experience (and may be slightly different than the prior models) - and we sleep better knowing that each of the CNC code files is automatically backed up off-site in several locations on a daily basis.

Fast forward to 2009 - when we moved the factory to Mims, FL. Now that we're no longer in Oviedo, FL, the "WARBURTON-OVIEDO" stamp had to be replaced. The new stamp is "WARBURTON-USA" and proudly reflects the fact that we're actually manufacturing products in the USA and shipping them to an ever-growing worldwide customer base.

Therefore, the design of the pieces stamped "WARBURTON-OVIEDO" and "WARBURTON-USA" is the same as they were all produced using the same computerized machining processes.