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Craig Lewis "I do not know what to recommend to you more - the Warburton mouthpieces or the staff behind the products - as I am very pleased with both. I'll start with the mouthpieces. Since I first obtained one a few months ago I have been impressed with the quality of the workmanship. The mouthpiece just looks and feels right. The interchangeable tops and backbore are a real bonus, especially when switching from small to large bore trombones. The rim is also very comfortable and allows for extended playing. The response of the mouthpiece is terrific and really rewards your playing efforts. I felt immediate positive results in my playing which were confirmed by other brass players in the group who did not know that I had switched pieces. Bruce Gordon has been fantastic to deal with, helping me customize the mouthpiece to fit my personal playing needs. This is the first time that I have seriously looked at the mouthpiece I was using and Bruce was patient while I did some of my own research and tried different models. All in all, my Warburton experience has been nothing short of superb."
Craig Lewis plays First Trombone in the renowned Salvation Army Canadian Staff Band. He uses the SBL (Scott Bliege - Large) model mouthpiece with a .266" bore with his Conn 88H.