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Jeff Kaye

"I've been playing Warburton Mouthpieces for about 20 years. I was playing the jazz chair on the Ray Charles Orchestra when the lead player got a Warburton kit and we started playing around with it. I started on a 5M top with a #5 back bore but ended up preferring the 4M. It's a tad bigger and it allows my chops to be more flexible for jazz. Plus, I've always liked the flatter rim contour of the Warburton because it gives me the flexibility to play both lead and jazz according to the situation.

Here in Los Angeles, the call could come from anyone and anywhere. So, when it's for something legit, I usually reach for my 4MC. The bowl cup gives me a rounder tone for brass ensembles and solo work.

Terry and Ken are the best in the business. Their knowledge and skills as mouthpiece craftsman is what keeps ME in business."

If you've caught the Ray Charles Orchestra any time in the past 20 years, chances are you've already heard Jeff Kaye. In 1984, Jeff joined the Ray Charles Orchestra and toured regularly through 1992, gigged occasionally with the Genius of Soul during the next nine years, and was back with the band from 2001 until Charles became ill in 2003. Living in Los Angeles, Jeff has worked with jazz greats Lionel Hampton, The Clifford Jordon Big Band, Junior Cook, Diane Schuur, Bill Perkins, and Pete Christlieb. Recently, Jeff played on the soundtrack of the movie "Ray", and has performed with the bands of Buddy Childers, Anthony Wilson, Bill Holman and Steve Huffsteter. He recently recorded his debut CD, "Just Like Me", pictured below.

Jeff Kaye

"Kaye's trumpet and his quintet are in the spirit of the Lee Morgan, Blue Mitchell and Freddie Hubbard Blue Note sessions of the 1960s." - Doug Ramsey JAZZTIMES

Listen to sound clips from Jeff's CD