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Linda Brown has been playing with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, in Calgary, Canada for 20 years.

As an international award- winning trumpeter, Linda has also been invited to perform as a soloist around the world, including; the Shanghai Radio Broadcasting Orchestra, in China; and the International Women's Brass Conference, being held June 17-21, 2003 at Illinois State University.

Linda Brown

"I have never been one to think a mouthpiece could make a very big difference in my trumpet playing. It's always come down to the player themselves, not the equipment. However... Little did I know that this "well-schooled" concept was going to change! It started when I received a letter from Bruce Gordon (sales manager at Warburton) inviting me to take the "Warburton Challenge". So I thought, why not? After describing my needs as both a soloist and as an orchestral trumpeter Bruce sent off a mouthpiece to match the size of what I was already playing. What a surprise to me to play this mouthpiece on my C and Bb trumpets and to find it fits like a glove. It simply plays with more ease and efficiency than any other mouthpiece I have ever tried. The efficiency and sound are consistent throughout the range of the trumpet, especially noticeable, in my comparison with my original mouthpiece, in the upper register. It is like the "gates of heavenly air-flow" open up as I play an ascending passage. This may sound a bit melodramatic, but this has been my experience. I instantly have been able to play more solidly at the top of my range, which has made me feel a third has been added, thanks to this Warburton Mouthpiece.

Warburton has certainly tapped into something very special.

I am sharing this story in hopes that others may find greater improvement in their playing with Warburton"s help.

Thanks again so much! I will look forward to a chance to meet you in person."