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Former Associate Principal, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Principal Trumpet, Boston Pops Orchestra
Featured on many soundtracks including Apollo 13 and Saving Private Ryan

The Warburton System has provided me with all the diversification I could want in a mouthpiece. With the wide variety of cup shapes, depths and backbore sizes made available in the kit, I have been able to find a compatible match for any horn that I play.

I use the 2-M top on both the Bb and C trumpets. I use the number 10 backbore on my C trumpet. This improves the intonation on many of the notes like the E, Eb and high C, which have traditionally posed intonation problems on the C trumpet. I use the Number 6 backbore on my Bb for the commercial work that I do with the pops. This combination gives me enough width of sound with focus and resistance at the same time.

I feel that players can vastly improve the playing characteristics of their instruments by finding a compatible mouthpiece instead of spending hundreds of dollars modifying their instruments.

It is with great pleasure that I endorse the Warburton System and ' Bravo to the people at Warburton for having developed such a comprehensive mouthpiece system.