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"I was introduced to Warburton Mouthpieces briefly @93'/94', again in 97' and after hearing Tim Morrison play so effortlessly. I started playing the 2M and 2MD tops for orchestral and solo work. After downscaling and realizing I can get more for money with smaller sizes, I tried my friends 5M/6 combo on a gig in 2005 and haven't looked back. I have tried multiple combinations for various purposes and have settled in on a few sizes and combos that have worked best for me. The trumpet player I work with the most in NY plays Warburton and practically the same sizes/setups. The blend between the 2 of us is wonderful and I look forward to playing gigs on our matching equipment. I recommend the mouthpieces to everyone I can."

Ryan Resky

Warburton Mouthpieces used:

5FL Flugelhorn
5MC/7* Cornet
6SV/S10* Piccolo Trumpet
6S-ES/NY Commercial/Broadway
5M/6 Classical