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"Warburton has changed everything for me!  I've always had problems with the top and backbore. One day I went to Terry and the first thing came out from his mouth when I asked for specific measures was "Here everything can be done."   For me to play with Warburton is not only a dream come true, has also improved everything in my playing.  The projection is unsurpassed, the resistance and comfort increased. I feel Warbonite is the best material in the "world."

Thanks Terry Warburton and Donald Quintero for this great  opportunity!

Armando Trujillo

5SW 25 Warbonite with B8 backbore

Cuban musician born in Havana Cuba,on 1 January 1975, at the age of 7 he began his first steps as trumpet player in the gospel music style, which has been playing for over 25 years. He began his studies at the Guillermo Tomás Conservatory at the age of 10 years, specializing in trumpet, ending the elementary level, then studied at the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory and graduated from middle and standing as a professor and head of the Department of winds conservatory.

He has played in different bands and orchestras in Cuba, such as Banda Provincial and National Concert Orchestra of Opera and Ballet, Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, Banda de Jazz, Mambo Jazz among different groups of Cuban popular music. At the age of 30 years goes out of Cuba, to live and work in the city of Guatemala, playing with the best groups in this country as well. He has ventured into different musical styles, including classical, jazz, salsa, merengue, latin jazz and ska, which in the latter two have got two instrumental music productions, the first volume done in Cuba, and the second in Guatemala, has played with musicians and groups of international level, as Omara Portuondo member of Buena Vista Social Club, Orlando Valle Maraca, Tito Puente Junior, Carlos Peña (Latin American Idol), Boby Carcasés, Josy Esteban and Mr. Garfield, the very well known international board player, also within the gospel music has performed and recorded with several bands such as Juan Carlos Alvarado, Julio Melgar, Alternative,Chistrine D' Clario,Marcos Barrientos, Fernando Solares, Ebenezer, Miel San Marcos, La Hormiga, Twenty Twenty, Malin, Manfredy Solis, among others. Has been in over 15 countries taking his music, having his own label and a unique style of playing the trumpet.