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Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps

Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps, founded in 1976, is a nonprofit youth performing arts education organization based in Atlanta, GA. The primary objective of Spirit of Atlanta is to provide challenging, high-quality programs for youth through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.

The corps comprises 150 brass, percussion, and color guard members, ages 15 to 22, who perform an 11-minute show that integrates artistic and athletic skill in an entertaining display of outdoor pageantry. Although most of its members are from the Southeast, the popularity of Spirit of Atlanta has attracted members from all over the United States, Canada, and even Great Britain and Japan. Members are selected by audition based on their musical ability, movement skills, and attitude.

Spirit of Atlanta is a member of Drum Corps International (DCI), a governing body that facilitates summer educational events, performances, and competitions for drum and bugle corps across the United States. The corps proudly represents the city of Atlanta at more than 30 competitions and exhibitions before a combined audience of over 300,000 fans. Spirit of Atlanta first competed in 1977 and has since enjoyed DCI’s coveted “Top 12 Finalist” status 19 times.

Brian P Kackley SOA Brass Staff:

'The implementation of the Warburton mouthpiece system with the Spirit of Atlanta Trumpet section has completely changed the color and strength of our sound. All extremes of articulation and dynamics are much more easily attainable reducing stress on the player while increasing endurance. The tone and articulation is dark and precise without being harsh. It is a professional sounding section and I could not be more pleased as an instructor.'

Spirit of Atlanta Trumpet section:

Brian Bumgarner:

“This mouthpiece is helping with my air flow and my ability to play the lead trumpet part with Spirit of Atlanta drum and bugle corps. With the trumpet section on these new Warburton mouthpieces, it has really made a big difference even at the one camp. We have a better core sound that we are all producing and we sound like one section rather than many individuals playing.”

Blake Patton:

“The Warburton mouthpiece is the first mouthpiece I can truly say I've been happy with.”

Chris Loman:

“The Warburton I have now is a major improvement over my old mouthpiece. I used a very small mouthpiece before but then, for DCI I switched to a larger cup and back-bore but something felt off. Once I got my Warburton, my range and flexibility improved substantially. I have more power and ability than I did on my prior mouthpieces. I foresee myself using the Warburton for a long time.”

Schuyler Groff:

“Once I got the 5md cup, my sound opened up tremendously. My range stability has also improved.”

Baylee Fields:

“The mouthpiece feels so much more open and allows me to have a better tone in all ranges especially the higher range. I switched from a Bach 3c to a Warburton 4md”

Ashley Quesinberry:

“I really like my new mouthpiece. It was an easy adjustment from what I had been playing.”

Emily Gordon:

“I have enjoyed playing on my Warburton 4MD mouthpiece. It covers more surface area on my lips, making it so all of my air goes into the mouthpiece instead of some occasionally leaking through the sides like on my Bach Mouthpiece.”

Brandon Quetschke:

“I really enjoy the new mouthpiece. With it being wider than the standard three C it really helped fix some of my air seepage. And it really helped darken my sound even more than it was.”

Tyler Hixon:

“The mouthpiece gives me that dark and full tone that I've been looking for. Very happy with it.”