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"Within my experience in classical music and Latin music I found in Warburton mouthpieces comfort and consistency in each one of the different areas in which they have been tested. These represent the most versatile mouthpieces I've had and the most efficient for the production of good sound throughout the entire range of the  instrument.

The bass trombone mouthpiece in particular allows a feeling of blowing more freely through the entire register with much security and control in the most low register of the instrument. In the tenor trombone and Latin music itself gives a lot of security in the attack as much comfort to the requirements of the high register. 

Primarily these mouthpieces represent the heights of comfort and consistency, and allow exploiting all ranges of the instrument at the highest levels of demand."

César Fumero

César Fumero studied at the “Conservatorio de Castella” and the University of Costa Rica, which is still active student. They emphasize their repeated appearances as guest musician with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica and various Concert Bands of Costa Rica.

He has participated with world-renowned directors which include John Lynch (USA), Glen Price (USA.), Francisco Javier Gutierrez Juan (Spain) and Thomas Verrier (US) and Vicente Luna (Spain).

He has shared the stage with stars of Latin music such as Ralph Irizarry timpanist and jazz trombonists Luis Bonilla, Steve Turre and Jimmy Bosch. He has served on various seminars with teachers such as Fergus McWilliam (Scotland / Germany) Peter Ellefson (USA), Luis Fred (Puerto Rico) Jonas Bylund (Sweden) and "Trombones de Costa Rica" (Costa Rica) in both Costa Rica and Colombia and Puerto Rico. He has participated in various musical productions for national and international artists in which stand out two Latin Grammy nominations, one with the album "Bolero" of Son de Tikizia and a collaboration of Son de Tikizia with Tamela Hedstrom with the single "Acércate". 

Today Fumero stills a member of the band "Son de Tikizia" which is part 6 years ago and actively keeps giving concerts and international tours, also plays duties as principal trombonist of the Concert Band of Alajuela Costa Rica.