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When Terry introduced the original P.E.T.E. a few years ago, I ordered one immediately. It worked so well that I started referring to it as a "gig on a stick." On days I am actually unable to play my horn, when properly used, the P.E.T.E. works out my chops as much as a standard 4 hour engagement would. Because of the smaller diameter of the new P.E.T.E. PRO, working out with this version is even more challenging and beneficial. I refer to the new P.E.T.E. PRO as "2 gigs on a stick."

The "Warburton Woody" model TR-3 Cup Mute is great. The sound and response is very similar to the classic Ray Robinson Cup Mute (of which I have restored many). It's interesting to me how the felt on the resonator (on the inside of the cone) of the model TR-3 gets the same results as the felt lining on the inside of the original Ray Robinson cups...interesting...

I also love the "Warburton Woody" model "custom" straight mute in Bubinga wood.  The sound it emits carries as well or better than any one of my circa 1920's Shastock Straight mutes. It seems there is an overabundance of "highs" in the old Shastock Straight Mute sound when compared to the sound of your "custom" Straight Mute. The Warburton Bubinga custom straight mute  has a much better balance of highs, mid-ranges and lows. The felt on the inside cone portion of the resonator of the bubinga straight mute also sparks my curiosity.

The Woody TR-3 cup mute in Hickory and the custom Woody Bubinga straight mute are the ones I'll be carrying in my mute case for any and all gigs, in addition to a few of the vintage mutes I have restored.

Roger Ingram

Roger Ingram is among the most prolific lead trumpeters today, with thousands of performances and recordings. Known for his dynamic sound and driving swing, his legacy is embodied by regard for artistic integrity. His professional career started at 16 with Louie Bellson, Quincy Jones, and Tom Jones. Then came Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Wynton Marsalis, Ray Charles, Paul Anka, and 20 years with Harry Connick Jr. In 2008, he authored "Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing." Ingram is a KHS/Jupiter artist/clinician; in 2009 he designed the XO1600I Trumpet. His busy schedule includes writing, presenting clinics, making guest-soloist appearances, teaching, and performing/recording.

Roger Ingram, a.k.a. The Mute Meister, compares his Warburton Woody Mutes to some of his personal vintage mutes at his home studio in La Grange, IL. For more information about lessons with Roger Ingram, visitRogerIngram.com. Purchase Roger's book, "Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing."