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A "deadly" mouthpiece ... outstanding piece that works for me in whatever the "jungle" is!

Nuno Santos

Nuno Santos' agency: www.koser.biz

Nuno Santos Silva born in Porto on 30 November 1980, coming from a family of musicians.

Starts his musical studies at age of 9 with his grandfather, also a trumpeter. Continued study music when he joined at 10 years of age at Foz do Douro Philharmonic Band, where he still remains as soloist. At the age of 12, went to Conservatory of Music in Porto city, giving up on the 6th year, due to professional incompatibility. Starts in 2009 the study of jazz, joining the School of Music “Valentim de Carvalho” (2009/2010), under the tutoring of Prof. and musician João Pedro Brandao. In 2010 represents this music school in the 8th edition of S. Luis Portuguese Jazz Festival (Lisbon). Had particular theoretical
indications with the musician and pedagogue Paulo Perfeito and practical lessons in trumpet with Gileno Santana. In 2009 participates in the Materclasse with Chris Cheek and in 2010 with Jorge Rossy and Bill McHenry. In 2012 attends the lecture with James Morrison, one of the most respected multi-instrumentalists of the world.

Chooses a non-musical career, but keeps connected with the music, providing two distinct services: as a Trumpet Professor (in the BMG Music Academy 2011/2012 and particulars since 2000) and as a trumpeter. Today is an eclectic and versatile musician, participating in several music groups, namely:

PHILHARMONIC: Trumpet Soloist in Foz do Douro Philharmonic Band (since 1990), Trumpeter in Forum Philharmonic Band (since 2008), Gondomar Philharmonic Band (since 2010 to 2012), S. Martinho do Campo Philharmonic Band (2009/2010), Moreira da Maia Philharmonic Band (2008/2009) and also Carregosa Philharmonic Band (2007/2008). Occasionally collaborates with several Philharmonic Bands: S. Martinho da Gandra, Vila Boa de Quires, Leverense, São Paio de Oleiro, among others, and other musical groups, orchestras and tunas.

JAZZ: is lead trumpet in Melres Jazz Band (since 2012), split-lead trumpet in OLVS BIG BAND (since 2011), lead trumpet in Invicta Big Band (since 2011), lead trumpet in Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos Junior (since 2012) and lead trumpet in Valentim de Carvalho Jazz Orchestra (since 2008). Occasionally collaborates with several orchestras namely: Paulo Perfeito NU Jazz Orchestra, Let's Groove Big Band, Ritmos Ligeiros Orchestra, Gondomar Orchestra, OLB3m Orchestra, Graciano Saga Orchestra, Taxxis Orchestra, Metro Big Band (American band), Black Coffee and the Sould Business Band, among other.

ENSEMBLES: trumpeter and founder of the group "NuDia Duo" (piano + trumpet + cajon - since 2012), trumpeter in "Litos e Quinhas e os Bandalhos" (since 2011), founder and trumpeter in "MOMENTUS - musical group for events & weddings" (since 1998). In 2013 Nuno Santos Silva (eclectic trumpeter) and
Miguel Bandeirinha (Fado soul contest winner) develops a group of FADO music namely "FADO DIFERENTE" featuring the trumpet as a unprecedented instrument.

SOLO: in 2012 develops a solo project: "LIVE ACT" - Trumpet improvisation. When invited to perform in nightclubs and discos, improvises on the DJ songs. When invited to perform in bars, restaurants and events, improvises on
jazz standards play-alongs.

Performs (since 1993) in different situations: Openings, Events, Weddings, Exhibitions, Artists gigs, Popular parties, Festivals, jazz festivals, musical gatherings, special dinners, auditoriums, theaters, churches, casinos, cultural centers, FNAC, Palaces, Sala Tejo in Pavilhão Atlântico, Cruises boats, Hotel Holiday Inn Gaia, Hotel Cascais Miragem, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants and Bars (B-flat, Breyner 85, HotFive - Jazz Club, Back Splash Bar, Maus Hábitos, Hard Club, Downtown Lounge, TWIN'S FOZ, Café Cultural, Tertúlia Castelense, Havana Club, Boulevard, Tribeca, Casa do Infante, S. Tiago restaurant, The Factory,
Clube Fenianos Portuenses and so on).

In the past, was trumpeter in “ERUDITOS” (2010-2012), 1st trumpet in “La Belle Époque orchestra” (2009-2011), 1st trumpet in “Let's Groove Big Band” (2008-2011), was the founder member and trumpeter of the "Foz do Douro Brass Quartet" (1994-1998), trumpeter in "La Belle Époque"(1994-1998) and in “Mancelos Orchestra Festival”, under the artistic direction Afonso Alves (1997-2000). In 2007 participated in "Orchestra of the day" at the Oporto House of Music.  In 2010 represents the “Valentim de Carvalho” music school, and plays with the EMVC Jazz Quintet in the 8th Festival of Jazz St. Louis - Jazz Festival The Portuguese (Lisbon). In 2011, plays with “Valentim de Carvalho Jazz Orchestra” in the 15th edition of Matosinhos Jazz Festival (parallel activities). In June of 2011, plays with METRO BIG BAND (American jazz orchestra) in a mini-tour around Porto city, invited by the music director Camp Kirkland. In July of 2011 is selected to perform with the Gois Wind Orchestra and in September participates in the 3rd edition of the biggest Jam Session in Porto city. In 2012 is invited to play in the musical project "Fado à Porto", an initiative with more than 60 musicians, singers and composers who leads the "FADO" to the streets of Porto.

Was one of the directors of Foz do Douro Philharmonic Band (from 2008-2011), with functions related to marketing and was trumpet professor of the apprentices (since 2000).

Nuno Santos Silva is sponsored by KOZER - International Business Consultancy and promoted by “Sons of the Empire” (Enterprise Marketing Organization and Pianos & Event Production). Nuno is an endorser of PHAETON trumpets and WARBURTON mouthpieces.