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"What i love most about Warburton is the durability of the craftsmanship. I have played on that same backbore and top combination for about ten tours nationally and eight internationally as of yet and it always remains comfortable and accurate in all playing situations. Bars. Clubs , pits, on mic, and in studio, extremes of hot and cold, extremes of altitude,  i dont worry about whether its going to be the same everyday. Myself on the other hand.........

Also i gotta say that i switched to the 2esv the day before the tour. Worked like a duck to water, so spicy and so in tune. I primarily use the 2sv though for a more malleable sound."

Matt Stewart

(Matt plays our 2SV and 2ESV tops with the KT backbore)

When not on tour Matt is a music Educator and Clinician who is a rising name in the world of jazz and experimental music.Matthew Stewart,South Jersey Native , for the past six yrs has been the resident trumpet player for the (musically without genre) super group/ska band Streetlight Manifesto.

Matt can be heard with Streetlight Manifesto on the recordings.

Somewhere in the between
99 Songs of Revolution
The hands that thieve