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"However enjoyable it is to reminisce over stories about great brass players who had supposedly used the same equipment since they were in the womb (whether true or imagined!), it is worth considering the reasons why they may not have experimented with different mouthpiece combinations. Possibly they took the stance 'If it ain't broke, don't try and mend it', but probably they didn't have the great breadth of choice and availability that we enjoy in today's global marketplace. I would challenge players to be inquisitive in order to make some informed choices about which mouthpieces work for them; be guided by experienced professionals, but ultimately make up their own minds based on a bit of research and experimentation. It can save a lot of wasted time, money and frustration in the long term (there are after all only so many ways to 'pimp-up' a trumpet!).

The choice of a mouthpiece is ultimately very simple; it must be comfortable on the lips (however your embouchure is set up -there's no right or wrong), and it must help you produce the sound which you imagine and aspire to create. One of my teachers, Howard Snell, wrote in his book The Trumpet - 'The sound or tone-quality which a player makes is his or her most distinctive and important musical fingerprint'.

I believe that with the extent and choice of the Warburton range of mouthpieces and accessories, it is possible to lift the fog of ages and find a mouthpiece which will help you create your own distinctive musical fingerprint. With their vast choice of rim-widths, cup materials, weights and customisations, Warburton have refreshed and brought innovation to the world of mouthpieces. Coupled with manufacturing quality that is second-to-none, Warburton should be a serious contender in anyone's search for a new mouthpiece."

Ross Brown

Ross Brown is Principal Trumpet of the London Chamber Orchestra, and appeared playing a Warburton Delrin 3MD + 10* to an estimated audience of 2 billion at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011.

Check out these videos of Ross playing in the Royal Wedding and Classic BRIT Awards Show