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"I've played the same mouthpiece for many years. I was with Jet-tone from 1973, when I was with Woody's band,  and then moved to Greg Black in the late 80's and now am with Warburton as of  2012. Over the years, you can see that I've been basically a one mouthpiece guy.  I don't switch around frivolously.  I only do it when I feel strongly about it and I feel very strongly about my switch to Warburton. The quality of craftsmanship is superb.  The customer relations is excellent and the knowledge that Terry and Ken have is world class. Put that all together and you've got the right mouthpiece manufacturer. "

Dave Stahl

Dave Stahl

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For years, we've enjoyed listening to DS here in the workshop as a bunch of brass players.  We've really enjoyed his fabulous trumpet playing. I'm exceedingly happy, flattered and excited about the opportunity to create the new Dave Stahl model mouthpiece.  He sounds great on it and I'm sure a lot of other people will, too.

Terry Warburton

Dave Stahl Trumpet Mouthpiece and Backbore
Dave Stahl Top:
  • Inside diameter - .613"
  • Outer Diameter - 1.040"
  • Bore - #25

Dave Stahl backbore:
  • very open in the upper portion
  • reverse taper in the venturi
  • #25 bore at the interface
This mouthpiece is decidedly different than Dave's previous
Black/Hill and Jet Tone models.