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"Admittedly, I was initially skeptical of such a radically designed piece of equipment promising such great improvements in tone, intonation, and projection. However, after the first few notes, I quickly realized the Warburton Modular Neck System truly lives up to its’ claim as ‘The Ultimate Saxophone Neck.’ My Keilwerth SX90R Shadow tenor was a great sounding horn to begin with, but the Warburton “Ultimate Neck” took my horn to another level!

After finding a tenon to fit my Keilwerth from the myriad of sizes available, I play tested both the copper and brass neck bodies with nearly every model initiator Terry had available. I settled on the 65 A48 & 64 A50 initiators paired with a beautifully engraved brass neck body. I found the ‘throaty pop‘ of the raw brass more in line with what I was looking for versus the ‘warm fluffy‘ sound I got the with copper neck body. This setup, coupled with my Berg Larsen and Vandoren mouthpieces, immediately opened up the tonal palette of my horn while maintaining comfortable resistance, impeccable intonation, and fantastic FOCUSED projection throughout the entire range of the horn.

As a saxophonist for the United States Army, I’m called on to perform with a variety of stylistically diverse ensembles every day. From intimate jazz combo gigs, to swinging big band charts, to marches on the parade field, to outdoor performances on festival stages all over the United States, the Warburton Modular Neck System’s initiators allow me to quickly fine tune my tone, level of resistance, and projection to any playing situation with minimal changes to my mouthpiece & reed setup. The ease of swapping out initiators to tailor the level of projection or the level of edge to an ensemble or venue is a fantastic concept and an invaluable asset that puts the Warburton Modular Neck System head and shoulders above the competition.

Terry and his staff at Warburton have hit the mark with their Modular Neck System. No longer do I have to trade tone for projection. These necks let you have it all. Quality materials, innovative design, and great craftsmanship are evident in all of Warburton’s products and these “Ultimate Necks” truly live up to their moniker."

Tim Stuart


Tim Stuart