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"The Warburton modular neck system completes the job a good mouthpiece begins.

First of all, it's simply a great sounding neck. Warm, rich and singing, it enhances my sound in every way.  Through the screw on initiators I can fine tune the resistance, focus and projection to perfectly match any acoustical situation.  Sure, you can change mouthpieces to effect these attributes, but that change always comes at a price.

The Warburton neck system takes what's already there makes it work better.  If I'm playing in a large hall with a huge sound system or acoustically in an intimate club I can choose the appropriate initiator to get the most out of the situation.  No need to over blow, no need to worry about my sound becoming too bright if I open up. 

Think about this: the best tools are always transparent.  Everyone, at all levels, will benefit from using this neck system."

Dave Hagelganz
Coordinator of Jazz Studies and Saxophone, Washington State University
David Hagelganz